1z0-061 Oracle

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Sample Questions

Free 1Z0-061 Sample Question 1

Evaluate the following SQL statement: httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads201510211png Which statement is true regarding the outcome of the above query?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 2

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the product, component, and PDT_COMP tables. In product table, PDTNO is the primary key.
In component table, COMPNO is the primary key. In PDT_COMP table, You want to generate a report listing the product names and their corresponding component names, if the component names and product names exist.
Evaluate the following query:
SQL>SELECT pdtno, pdtname, compno, compname
FROM product _____________ pdt_comp
USING (pdtno) ____________ component USING (compno) WHERE compname IS NOT NULL;
Which combination of joins used in the blanks in the above query gives the correct output?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 3

View the Exhibit for the structure of the student and faculty tables. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015111310png You need to display the faculty name followed by the number of students handled by the faculty at the base location.
Examine the following two SQL statements:
httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015111410png Which statement is true regarding the outcome?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 4

View the Exhibits and examine products and sales tables. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015111510png You issue the following query to display product name and the number of times the product has been sold: httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015111610png What happens when the above statement is executed?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 5

You want to create a table employees in which the values of columns EMPLOYEES_ID and LOGIN_ID must be unique and not null. Which two SQL statements would create the required table?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 6

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the products table. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151118png Using the products table, you issue the following query to generate the names, current list price, and discounted list price for all those products whose list price falls below $10 after a discount of 25% is applied on it. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151119png The query generates an error. What is the reason for the error?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 7

Examine the structure proposed for the transactions table: httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151120png Which two statements are true regarding the creation and storage of data in the above table structure?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 8

You need to create a table for a banking application. One of the columns in the table has the following requirements:
1) You want a column in the table to store the duration of the credit period.
2) The data in the column should be stored in a format such that it can be easily added and subtracted with date data type without using conversion functions.
3) The maximum period of the credit provision in the application is 30 days.
4) The interest has to be calculated for the number of days an individual has taken a credit for.
Which data type would you use for such a column in the table?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 9

Which three tasks can be performed using SQL functions built into Oracle Database?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 10

View the Exhibit and examine the description of SALES and PROMOTIONS tables. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads201511211png You want to delete rows from the sales table, where the PROMO_NAME column in the promotions table has either blowout sale of everyday low prices as values.
Which three delete statements are valid?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 11

Which three SQL statements would display the value 1890.55 as $1, 890.55?


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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 12

You want to display 5 percent of the employees with the highest salaries in the EMPLOYEES table.
Which query will generate the required result?


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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 13

In the customers table, the CUST_CITY column contains the value 'Paris' for the CUST_FIRST_NAME 'Abigail'.
Evaluate the following query:


What would be the outcome?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 14

View the Exhibit and evaluate the structure and data in the CUST_STATUS table.


You issue the following SQL statement:


Which statement is true regarding the execution of the above query?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 15

Which normal form is a table in if it has no multi-valued attributes and no partial dependencies?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 16

Examine the types and examples of relationships that follow:
1. One-to-one a) Teacher to students
2. One-to-many b) Employees to Manager
3. Many-to-one c) Person to SSN
4. Many-to-many d) Customers to products
Which option indicates the correctly matched relationships?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 17

You execute the following commands:


For which substitution variables are you prompted for the input?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 18

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the customers table.


Using the customers table, you need to generate a report that shows the average credit limit for customers in Washington and NEW YORK.
Which SQL statement would produce the required result?


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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 19

View the Exhibit and examine the data in the employees table:


You want to display all the employee names and their corresponding manager names.
Evaluate the following query:


Which join option can be used in the blank in the above query to get the required output?

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Free 1z0-061 Sample Question 20

Evaluate the following query:


What would be the outcome of the above query?

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