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Sample Questions

Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 1

When you enter a receipt; you first use the Find Expected Receipts window to locate the source document for the receipt. Select four valid source documents for a receipt. (Choose four.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 2

Which setup profile option allows you to send a report directly to a browser window?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 3

There are several types of RFQ, Including Catalog RFQ, Standard RFQ, and Bid RFQ. There are only two classes of RFQ. Identify the two valid classes and their appropriate purposes. (Choose two.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 4

Company X is identifying the major aspects of its inventory organization structure and definitions. Which two actions or statements would be correct? (Choose two.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 5

Select the best business practice for a supplier that is being newly added to the Approved Supplier List.

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 6

Which three financial options can be defaulted when you enter a new supplier? (Choose three.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 7

Which window in Purchasing would you use to copy on existing global Approved Supplier List entry and make it local to your organization?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 8

Which two statements are true about using foreign currency? (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 9

A recent shipment of item A was routed to the inspection department according to standard practice, but no receipt for item A is available in the system for inspection. What might have happened?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 10

Identify the correct sequence of steps in the Procure to Pay period dose process.

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 11

A multinational company is setting up the sourcing rules and approved supplier list (ASL) to source inventory items across different organizations.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 12

Which control option prevents changes or additions to the purchase order or release, but maintains the ability to receive and match invoices?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 13

An approved supplier list (ASL) is being defined in a multiorganization environment, which two statements are valid?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 14

The buyer decides to automatically update and create sourcing rules, as part of the blanket purchase agreement approval process. However, on clicking the Approve button, the buyer does not see any option to update and create blanket purchase sourcing rules. Which profile option has the buyer failed to set up?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 15

A medium-sized multinational company based in US has two business groups (B6), BGI (for US) and B62 (for Europe), with position approval hierarchies HI and H2, respectively. The company has a policy that only the Controllers and those above them can approve capital Items on requisitions and purchase orders. However, the Purchase Manager (who reports to the Controller) must also be able to authorize capital purchases.
The account range for capital items is: 2000-2599.
The relevant approval limits are:
1) Purchase Manager in both BGs: $100,000
2) Controller in BGI: $500,000
3) Controller in BG2: $200,000
Which two options represent a valid and efficient approval process? (Choose two.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 16

When implementing Purchasing at FGH Corp., you notice several administrative inefficiencies due to a poorly maintained supplier list. Identify three inefficiencies. (Choose three.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 17

Your customer wants to convert both RFQs and Quotations to have tracking for Small Business Audit trail. The volume for Quotations is very high and only Approved RFQs and Quotations are being converted. What would you recommend as the best conversion strategy for RFQs and Quotations?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 18

Your company often orders Items that are sourced from multiple suppliers. At any given time, the supplier varies depending on the supplier's current production capability and price offering. The price varies throughout the year. For a particular Item, there is no single supplier that receives the majority of the orders.
What is the best way to set up this Item?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 19

Which four are supported by the Receiving Open Interface (ROI)? (Choose four.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 20

The following transactions occurred at BUY Co., where you implemented the ERS functionality in Oracle
Purchase order unit price: $10
Receipt #1001: 150 units (gross of 50 units returned at the time of receiving) Receipt #1002: 250 units
The Pay on Receipt process is run nightly, with the summary level set to Pay Site at the supplier site. The aging period is 0.
What would the Pay on Receipt process generate for these transactions?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 21

You have been asked by the HR Manager to define Oracle Alert to show all employees terminated in the past six months.
Identify three pieces of information that is required to define this Alert. (Choose three.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 22

When a quotation is due to expire within the number of days you specified, then you receive the following message in the Notifications Summary window: Quotations active or approaching expiration: [number]. Where is this [number] set up in the system?

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 23

Select three true statements regarding the Workflow Document Creation prerequisite (PO Create
Documents workflow). (Choose three.)

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Free 1z0-520 Sample Question 24

Consider the following setups:
1) Purchasing System Option enforce Full Lot Quantity * Mandatory
2) Rounding Factor at the item level = 75%
3) Unit of Issue at the item level = Dozen Select two statements that are true. (Choose two.)

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