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Sample Questions

Free 1Z0-804 Sample Question 1

Given the code fragment: DataFormat df; Which statement defines a new Dateformat object that displays the default date format for the UK Locale?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 2

public class DoubleThread {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Thread t1 = new Thread() {
public void run() {
Thread t2 = new Thread(t1); // Line 9
Which two are true?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 3

import java.util.*;
public class AccessTest {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Thread t1 = new Thread(new WorkerThread());
Thread t2 = new Thread(new WorkerThread());
t1.start(); t2.start; // line1
class WorkPool {
static ArrayList list = new ArrayList<>(); // line2
public static void addItem() { // line3
list.add(1); // Line4
class WorkerThread implements Runnable {
static Object bar = new Object ();
public void run() { //line5
for (int i=0; i<5000;i++) WorkPool.addItem(); // line6
Which of the four are valid modifications to synchronize access to the valid list between threads t1 and t2?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 4

Sam has designed an application. It segregates tasks that are critical and executed frequently from tasks that are non critical and executed less frequently. He has prioritized these tasks based on their criticality and frequency of execution. After close scrutiny, he finds that the tasks designed to be non critical are rarely getting executed.
From what kind of problem is the application suffering?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 5

Class Employee {
public int checkEmail() {/* . . . */}
public void sendEmail (String email) {/* . . . */}
public Boolean validDateEmail(){/* . . . */}
public void printLetter (String letter) {/* . . . */}
Which is correct?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 6

Which two demonstrate the valid usage of the keyword synchronized?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 7

Given the incomplete pseudo-code for a fork/join framework application:
submit(Data) {
if(Data.size < SMALL_ENOUGH) {
_________________(Data);  // line x
else {
List x = _________________(Data); // line Y
for(Data d:  x
______________(d);  // line z
And given the missing methods:
process, submit, and splitInHalf
Which three insertions properly complete the pseudo-code?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 8

ITEM Table
And given the code fragment (assuming that the SQL query is valid):
try {
String query = "SELECT * FROM Item WHERE ID=110";
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(query);
while (rs.next ()) {
System.out.println("ID:  " + rs.getInt("Id"));
System.out.println("Description:  " + rs.getString("Descrip"));
System.out.println("Price:  " + rs.getDouble("Price"));
System.out.println("Quantity:  " + rs.getInt("Quantity"));
} catch (SQLException se) {
What is the result of compiling and executing this code?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 9

class Deeper {
public Number getDepth() {
return 10;
Which two classes correctly override the getDepth method?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 10

Given the code fragment:
public class App {
public static void main (String [] args){
Path path = Paths.get("C:\education\institute\student\report.txt");
System.out.println("get.Name(0): %s", path.getName(0));
System.out.println ("subpath(0, 2): %s", path.subpath (0, 2));}
What is the result?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 11

To provide meaningful output for:
System.out.print( new Item ()):
A method with which signature should be added to the Item class?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 12

Given the code fragment:
public class DisplaValues {
public void printNums (int [] nums){
for (int number: nums) {
Assume the method printNums is passed a valid array containing data. Why is this method not producing output on the console?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 13

Which method would you supply to a class implementing the Callable interface?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 14

Given the existing destination file, a source file only 1000 bytes long, and the code fragment:
public void process (String source, String destination) {
try (InputStream fis = new FileInputStream(source);
OutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(destination)
) {
byte [] buff = new byte[2014];
int i;
while ((i = fis.read(buff)) != -1) {
fos.write(buff,0,i); // line ***
} catch (IOException e) {
What is the result?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 15

Which two codes correctly represent a standard language locale code?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 16

Which code fragment demonstrates the proper way to handle JDBC resources?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 17

import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.file.Path;
import java.io.file.Paths;
public class Path12 {
public static void main(String s[]) throws IOException {
Path path = Paths.get("\sales\quarter\..\qtrlreport.txt");
if(path.endsWith("annualreport.txt")) {
} else {
What is the result?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 18

Given the fragment:
public class CustomerApplication {
public static void main (String args[]) {
CustomerDAO custDao= new CustomerDAOMemoryImpl(); // Line 3
// ... other methods
Which two valid alternatives to line 3 would decouple this application from a specific implementation of CustomerDAO?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 19

Given this error message when running your application:
Exception in thread "main" java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name MessageBundle, locale
And given that the MessageBundle.properties file has been created, exists on your disk, and is properly formatted.
What is the cause of the error message?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 20

Given a language code of frand a country code of FR, which file name represents a resource bundle file name that is not the default?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 21

Given these facts about Java types in an application:
- Type x is a template for other types in the application.
- Type x implements dostuff ().
- Type x declares, but does NOT implement doit().
- Type y declares doOther() .
Which three are true?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 22

class A {
int a = 5;
String doA() { return "a1"; }
protected static String doA2 () { return "a2"; }
class B extends A {
int a = 7;
String doA() { return "b1"; }
public static String doA2() { return "b2";  }
void go() {
A myA = new B();
System.out.print(myA.doA() + myA.doA2() + myA.a);
public static void main (String[] args) { new B().go(); }
Which three values will appear in the output?

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Free 1z0-804 Sample Question 23

Which represents part of a DAO design pattern?

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