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Sample Questions

Free 1Z0-899 Sample Question 1

Given the element from the web application deployment descriptor:
And given that /main/page1.jsp contains: <% int i = 12; %>
<%= i %>
What is the result?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 2

A web application allows the HTML title banner to be set using a context initialization parameter called titlestr.
Which two properly set the title in the scenario? (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 3

11. <%
12. request.setAttribute ("vals", new String[] {"1", "2", "3", "4"});
13. request.setAttribute ("index", "2");
14. %>
15. <% - - insert code here - - %>
Which three EL expressions, inserted at line 15, are valid and evaluate to "3"? (Choose three)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 4

Given: httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads201511421png Which three EL expressions, inserted at line 16, are valid and evaluate to "d"? (Choose three)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 5

You are building a dating service web site. Part of the form to submit a client's profile is a group of radio buttons for the person's hobbies:
20. Hiking

21. Sking


23. >
After the user submits this form, a confirmation screen is displayed with these hobbies listed. Assume that an application-scoped hobbies, holds a map between the hobby enumerated type and the display name.
Which EL code snippet will display Nth element of the user's selected hobbles?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 6

1. <% int[] nums = {42,420,4200};
2. request.setAttribute("foo", nums); %>
3. ${5 + 3 It 6}
4. S(requestScope['foo'][0] ne 10 div0>
5. ${10 div 0}
What is the result?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 7

You are building a web application with a scheduling component. On the JSP, you need to show the current date, the date of the previous week, and the date of the next week.
To help you present this information, you have created the following EL functions in the `d' namespace:
· Name : curData; signature: java.util.utilDate CurrentDate() · Name : curData; signature: java.util.utilDate addweek (java.util.Date, int)
· Name: dateString; signature: java.util.String getDataString (jave.util.Data)
Which EL code snippet will generate the string for the previous week?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 8

Given a header in an HI IP request:
X-Retries: 4
A Which two retrieve the value of the header from a given HttpServletRequest request? (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 9

Given an HttpServletRequestrequest and HttpResponseresponse, which sets a cookie "username" with the value "joe" in a servlet?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 10

Which annotation enables a servlet to efficiently process requests of typo multipart/form-data that involve large files being uploaded by the client?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 11

APIs for dynamically registering servlets and filters can be called at:

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 12

ServletRegistration.Dynamic can be used to configure (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 13

A web application wants to register a new servlet at runtime using one of the servletContext.addServlet methods.
In the implementation of which method is it legal to perform this operation?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 14

You want to create a filter for your web application and your filter will implement. servlet.Filter.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 15

You have a simple wpb application that has a single Front Controller servlet that dispatches to JSPs generate a variety of views. Several of these views require further database processing to retrieve the necessary order object using the orderID request parameter. To do this additional processing, you pass the request first to a servlet that is mapped to the URL pattern /WEB  INF / retrieveOrder.do. in the deployment descriptor. This servlet takes two request parameters, the ordered and the jspID and the jspURL. It handles the database calls to retrieve and build the complex order objects and then it dispatches to the jspURL.
Which code snippet in the Front Controller servlet dispatches the request to the order retrieval servlet?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 16

In ServletContext.getNamedDispatcher(string arg0) arg0 is the

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 17

When using Servlet asynchronous API if you want to dispatch the request back to a particular url -"/url" within the same Servlet Context which of the following API would you use?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 18

Which describes a trigger that causes a call to an AsyncListener?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 19

Refer to the Exhibit.


A servlet sets a session-scoped attribute product with an instance of com.example.product an forward to a JSP. Which two output the name of the product in the response? (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 20

Click the Exhibit button.
Given the HTML form:
1. <html>
2. <body>
3. <form action="submit.jsp">
4. Name: <input type="text" name="i1"><br>
5. Price: <input type="text" name="i2"><br>
6. <input type="submit">
7. </form>
8. </body>
9. </html>
Assume the product attribute does NOT yet exist in any scope. Which code snippet, in submit.jsp,
instantiates an instance of com.example.Product that contains the results of the form submission?


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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 21

You need to create a JavaBean object that is used only within the current ISP page. It must NOT be accessible to any other page including those that this page might import. Which JSP standard action < .in accomplish this goal?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 22

Given the JavaBean class:
public class MyBean {
private Boolean roasted = false;
public MyBean () {}
public Boolean isRoasted () { returned roasted }
public void setRoasted (Boolean roasted) { this.roasted = roasted; ] }
Assume a controller has created an instance of this bean, called setRoasted (true), and inserted the bean
into the application scope using the name "myBean".
A JSP contains these two tags:
<jsp: useBean id = "aBean" class = "MyBean" scope = "page" /> <jsp: getProprty name = "aBean"
property = "roasted" />
Which is true?

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 23

A developer chooses to avoid using singieThreadModel but wants to ensure that data If; updated in a thread safe manner.
Which two can support this design goal? (Choose two)

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Free 1z0-899 Sample Question 24

You have a use in your web application that adds several session-scoped attributes. At the end of the use case, one of these objects, the manage attribute, is removed and then it needs to decide which of the other session-scoped attributes to remove.
How can this goal be accomplished?

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