2V0-641 VMware

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Sample Questions

Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 1

Which statement describes proper packet processing of layer 3 traffic in an NSX for vSphere topology?

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 2

What are two advantages for using NSX for vSphere's Logical Switching? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 3

Based on VMware's best practices, what two statements define the best solution for scaling layer 2 services for the virtual network? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 4

Which component provides for installation of NSX hypervisor kernel components and user world agents?

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 5

Which NSX service or feature provides optimized management of virtual machine broadcast (ARP) traffic?

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 6

You are tasked with designing a data center architecture that should maximize the use of vMotion within your environment. The design has these requirements:
   - The network must utilize widely offered layer 2 switching and layer 3 switching services
   - Purchase of new equipment should be minimized
Which two network design architectures will provide the requirements for vMotion in your data center? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 7

Which two statements describe the benefits provided by firewall services deployed by NSX? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 8

Which two statements are valid regarding vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) and NSX? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 9

An administrator wishes to upgrade to NSX from the following infrastructurE.
 - vCenter Server 4.1
 - vShield 5.0
 - ESXi hosts 4.1
What is a valid, minimum set of steps to properly upgrade this environment to NSX?

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 10

Layer 2 Multipathing (L2MP) and Multi-chassis Etherchannel (MEC) features have distinct scaling differences with the network switching and routing services provided by NSX.
Which two statements provide a proper contrast of these services? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 11

An administrator has recently deployed NSX, but is still using a pair of physical network security devices. The administrator wants to use the physical security devices to filter virtual machine traffic hosted in the overlay network.
Which NSX component will provide the connectivity between the overlay and the physical network?

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 12

Which two are valid statements regarding third-party services and NSX? (Choose two.)

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Free 2V0-641 Sample Question 13

Where must you go to manually register a third-party service with VMware NSX?

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