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Sample Questions

Free 3102 Sample Question 1

Shortly after an installation, SIP users in abc.com domain are registered but not able to call H.323 users in training.com domain. When you run traceSM you see a “403 Forbidden” error when users try to call each other.
What is the issue and which troubleshooting procedure will help you to identify and isolate the problem?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 2

An IMS type feature server has been installed by another administrator team. They have also configured session manager to route all incoming calls for a user to be routed to the new feature server.
It appears from running traces and capturing network traffic that Session does indeed route the User's incoming calls to the feature server, but that the feature server does not appear to take any action besides returning the request back to Session Manager.
Which field may be incorrectly configured?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 3

An originating Application Sequence has been configured to route calls from a given user to a feature server. It appears however, that the feature is not being applied when a call is made.
What would be the best course of action an administrator should take to identify the issue?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 4

A new Application Sequence has already been defined in the network. A technician has been asked to apply Application Sequence to all incoming calls for all employees in the Berlin office.
Which sequence describes the steps that should be taken?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 5

How is request routed to a "Named" Application?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 6

A routing policy administrator needs to create a policy that enables Session Manager to route to different destination based on different conditions. Time of day is one such condition.
Which two Parameters may also be used by Session Manager when selecting the applicable routing policy? (Choose two.)

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Free 3102 Sample Question 7

R has started importing a file containing many user records.
What will SMGR do if it encounters a record it cannot import?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 8

Avaya products ensure that authentication credentials and file transfers are protected when sent across the network by using which three methods? (Choose three)

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Free 3102 Sample Question 9


Which URL should be used to access the web console to install a System Manager template?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 10


When creating a New User Profile, an administrator is asked to enter, two separate passwords for the new user.
Which statement best describes the need for two different passwords?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 11

Which statement is true with regard to SIP Monitoring being enabled on a SIP Entity?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 12

An organization is adding four Session Managers installed to its network. The installation scripts for all four session Manager Instances have completed and all services have been started but none have yet been configured with Session Manager.
The technician's task is to use System Manager to set up the four Session Managers in an in (n-1)/n redundant arrangement ready for adding users to redundant Session Manager Pairs.
Which sequence best describes the tasks that are to be performed?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 13

Which statement describes the purpose of Timer B?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 14

Why is FQDN resolution important between Session Manager and System Manager when the FODN is unresolvable to either the Session Manager or System Manager?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 15

A company has multi-location voice network. They are introducing Session Manager to make their routing centralized. They have Avaya Communication Manager at their main location.
For the SIP telephone on Session Manager to call the H.323 telephones on communication Manager, which adaption module may be used in their configuration?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 16

After a power failure or database crash, the Postgres database may become corrupted and the Postgres server may not restart.
The recovery action is to clear the writer-Ahead Log (WAL) and optionally reset other control data, using which command?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 17

Which two statements describe how adaptations affect the routing of a request? (Choose two)

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Free 3102 Sample Question 18

What is validated when the Transport Layer Security (TLS) handshake and mutual TLS authentication is performed between the SIP entity and Session Manager?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 19

System Manager provides a Dashboard summary for monitoring and validating the health of each Session Manager instance.
What information is not available from the Session Manager Dashboard?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 20

How is call Admission Control enabled for Session Manager Release 6.1?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 21

Users between four customer sites are reporting frequent problems placing and receiving calls. In trying to identify the issue, you check the Bandwidth Usage between Session Manager Locations and get an error message, “Unable to access status information for SM1 – cannot connect to server, internal error”.
Which item is most likely the cause of this error?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 22

A new feature server has been deployed in the network. The feature server must be applied to all calls made and received by the user. A technician has been asked to make the necessary arrangements. After adding a SIP Entity and Entity Link, which sequence describes the next steps that should be taken?

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Free 3102 Sample Question 23

A. It provides access to any number of resources managed by SMGR.

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