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Sample Questions

Free Cisco 350-001 Exam Question 1

Which  two  commands  are  required  to  enable  multicast  on  a  router,  knowing  that  the  receivers only support IGMPv2? (Choose two.)

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Cisco 350-001 Free Exam Question 2

A branch router is configured with an egress QoS policy that was designed for a total number of 10 concurrent VOIP calls. Due to expansion, 15 VOIP calls are now running over the link, but after the  14th  call  was  established,  all  calls  were  affected  and  the  voice  quality  was  dramatically degraded. Assuming that there is enough bandwidth on the link for all of this traffic, which part of the QoS configuration should be updated due to the new traffic profile?

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Cisco 350-001 Exam Questions 3

A  new  backup  connection  is  being  deployed  on  a  remote  site  router.  The  stability  of  the  connection  has  been  a  concern.  In  order  to  provide  more  information  to  EIGRP  regarding  this interface,  you  wish  to  incorporate  the  "reliability"  cost metric in  the  EIGRP  calculation  with  the command metric weights 1 0 1 0 1. What impact will this modification on the remote site router have for other existing EIGRP neighborships from the same EIGRP domain?

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Free 350-001 Training Exam Question 4

Why  would  a  rogue  host  that  is  running  a  DHCP  server  on  a  campus  LAN  network  present  a  security risk?

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350-001 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which statement is true about TCN propagation?

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