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Sample Questions

Free 350-050 Sample Question 1

Which two security features are associated with a wireless network employing 802.11i configured as a Robust Security Network? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 2

Before conducting a passive RF site survey with a standalone AP, which two of these should be statically configured on the AP? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 3

After interviewing a customer to understand wireless client requirements, you determine that 802.11b must be enabled to support legacy clients within a mixed-mode environment. Which recommendation will have the greatest impact on mitigating the effects of 802.11b clients on the rest of the network?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 4

In a Cisco Unified Wireless Network environment, which two of these are required in order for clients to connect with MCS data rates? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 5

The 802.11-2007 standard includes which two amendments to the original 802.11 standard? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 6

You are designing a wireless network utilizing EAP-TLS. One design requirement is to provide per-user differentiated QoS using only one SSID. What is the best way to achieve this goal?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 7

What does the letter P in the designation of the AIR-CAP3502P AP indicate?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 8

You are converting your wireless infrastructure from a data-only design to a location services design. Which task do you need to complete?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 9

Which statement about heat maps on Cisco WCS is true?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 10

A clause 15 radio uses ___________ and supports data rates of ___________ .

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 11

_________ is classified as an 802.11i RSN with _________ as the mandatory encryption protocol.

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 12

You are designing an autonomous wireless network for an office building that is located near a local airport. The customer requires the use of 802.11a/n clients only, and the APs must never change their channel after they are configured. Which two UNII bands and channels should you restrict the APs to use on the 5 GHz radios? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 13

You have been hired to install an outdoor wireless network for a small city. The design must provide 360 degrees of coverage from a central location and at least 33 Mb/s of aggregate bandwidth for clause 18 radio clients. How do you design this solution?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 14

Which three security threats require the Cisco Adaptive wIPS service for mitigation? (Choose three.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 15

Which of the following are required components for Client MFP? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 16

Which of the following statements are true regarding RLDP? (Choose two)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 17

Which of the following statements are not correct about Client Management Frame Protection (MFP)? (Choose 2.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 18

Corporation XYZ just underwent a third-party security audit. The auditors have required that the corporation implements 802.1x on its wireless network and disable all pre-shared key WLANs as soon as possible. XYZ does not have an internal CA installed to provide server certificates today. However, it wishes to implement an EAP method that requires clients to use server authentication in the future. XYZ also needs an EAP method that will allow both Active Directory user authentication and time-based tokens.
What is the best EAP method for XYZ to implement?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 19

Which of the below parameters are used in calculating the range - maximum distance - of an outdoor link between two bridges? Choose two.

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 20

When viewed from the side (in the H-plane), which two of the below statements describe the radiation pattern of a patch and a Yagi antenna? (Choose two.)

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 21

The transmit power level on an 802.11a radio is configured for 25 mW. What is the corresponding value in decibels?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 22

Users complain about intermittent wireless connectivity issues. You see the following message on your Cisco WCS, corresponding the time the connectivity issues occurred.
AP 'building-1-entrance', interface '802.11b/g' on Controller ''. Noise threshold violated.
What do you do?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 23

Which environmental phenomena can cause considerable degradation to your wireless signals?

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Free 350-050 Sample Question 24

You are working for a South American services integrator. Your customer has a working
unified Cisco WLC solution in Costa Rica (-A domain). You need to integrate an office in Panama (-N domain); correct APs are already deployed for this domain. Which approach do you take?

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