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Sample Questions

Free 352-001 Sample Question 1

A company plans to include Nonstop Forwarding and Bidirectional Forwarding Detection as a part of their network redundancy plan . In which two ways do NSF and BFD work together when different hardware platforms are compared? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 2

Refer to the exhibit.


A service provider would like to use Ethernet OAM to detect end-to-end connectivity failures between SP-SW1 and SP-SW2. In whic h two of these ways can you design this solution? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 3

A network design shows two routers directly connected to an Ethernet switch using optical connections. There is an OSPF adjacen cy between the routers. In this design, which solution will ensure that interface down detection is reported as quickly as possible to the IGP?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 4

A network designer is working with a company to improve convergence at the Layer 2 control plane and decides to use LACP. Which  of these components does LACP use to create the system ID?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 5

Refer to the exhibit.


You are designing a spanning-tree network for a small campus. Which two of these options would result in a trouble-free spannin g-tree network design? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 6

A network designer is redesigning an enterprise campus network to ensure that Ethernet switches proactively attempt to reconnect after a fiber cut. In the design, they will have to address areas where fiber cuts exist on campus from past troubleshooting, where a single fiber is disconnecte d in the fiber pair, leading to looping. Which feature could be implemented in the design to allow the Spanning Tree Protocol on the switches to be protected?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 7

A switched network is being designed to support a manufacturing factory. Due to cost constraints, fiber-based connectivity is n ot an option. Which design allows for a stable network when there is a risk of interference from the manufacturing hardware in use on the factory floor?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 8

Refer to the exhibit.


If IEEE 802.1w is in use for this network design, what are two locations where spanning-tree root can be placed to ensure the l east-disruptive Layer 2 failover for clients within VLANs 3 and 4? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 9

A service provider has a Resilient Ethernet Protocol ring running as a metro backbone between its locations in one city. A cust omer wants to connect one site with one box redundant to the Resilient Ethernet Protocol ring at two different service provider locations. How can this be done wit hout producing any Layer 2 loops within the network design?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 10

Refer to the exhibit.


Your company designed a network to allow server VLANs in a data center to span all access switches. In the design, Layer 3 VLAN  interfaces and HSRP are configured on the aggregation switches. In which three ways should the design of the STP domain be optimized for server and app lication performance? (Choose three.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 11

You have created a network design that has two point-to-point Metro Ethernet circuits extending a single production VLAN betwee n two data centers. Under normal circumstances, one circuit will carry traffic and spanning tree will block the other. If the company wants you to make u se of both circuits to carry production traffic, which two technologies and features will you investigate to integrate into your network design? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 12

Voice traffic between two campus enterprise networks is growing. The network designers decide to add a second 10-Mb Metro Ether net service parallel to their original 10-Mb service in order to provide more bandwidth and diversity. The QoS profile will be the same on the new 10-Mb serv ice due to the voice stability on the first Metro Ethernet link. When the second link is added to the OSPF domain, which traffic design consideration would have  the most impact on the voice traffic when both links are active?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 13

You work as a network designer for a company that is replacing their Frame Relay WAN with an MPLS VPN service, where the PE-to- CE routing protocol is BGP. The company has 3000 routes in their distribution routers, and they would like to advertise their access routers through the MP LS network. Their service provider, however, only supports 1000 prefixes per VRF. Which two design solutions can be applied to ensure that your access routers will  be able to reach all devices in your network? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 14

You are designing a network that will run EIGRP over a Metro Ethernet service that does not employ a link-loss technology. What  will be the impact on convergence if there is a break in the end-to-end Layer 2 connectivity within the service provider network?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 15

Refer to the exhibit.


Acme Corporation hired you as a network designer to upgrade their network so that it supports IPv4 and IPv6 multicast. Which tw o protocols are needed on the LAN switch? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 16

A new video multicast application is deployed in the network. The application team wants to use the multicast group t o stream the video to users. They want to know if this choice will impact the existing multicast design. What impact will their choice have on the existing multi cast design?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 17

A customer is using a service provider to provide a WAN backbone for a 30-site network. In establishing the network, the customer must work within these
  . The customer has a self-managed MPLS backbone.
  . The VPLS WAN backbone of the service provider does not support PIM snooping.
  . Multicast VPN must be used for multicast support inside some VRFs.
What can the customer do so that multicast traffic is NOT flooded to all sites?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 18

What are two design advantages to using virtual port channel? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 19

Refer to the exhibit.


In this design, which technology would provide for the best use of resources to provide end-to- end Layer 2 connectivity?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 20

What are three key design principles when using a classic hierarchical network model? (Choose three.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 21

Which three techniques can be used to improve fault isolation in an enterprise network design? (Choose three.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 22

When you design a network, when would it be required to leak routes into a Level 1 area?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 23

Refer to the exhibit.


In this network design, where should summarization occur to provide the best summarization and optimal paths during a single-fa ilure incident as well as during normal operation?

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 24

What are two benefits of following a structured hierarchical and modular design? (Choose two.)

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Free 352-001 Sample Question 25

In a large enterprise network with multiple data centers and thousands of access devices, OSPF is becoming unstable due to link flapping. The current design has
the access devices multihomed to large aggregation routers at each of the data centers. How would you redesign the network to improve stability?

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