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Sample Questions

Free 400-201 Sample Question 1

A service provider is implementing Ethernet solutions for clients that are not being provisioned within the MPLS core network. Which solution allows the Service Provider to complete Ethernet circuit provisioning in this scenario?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 2

Which is the main characteristic of LTE architecture comparing to other mobile architectures?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 3

A Service Provider is offering VoIP services and a service level agreement to customers. Which configuration provides validation to customers that the service level agreement has been honored?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 4

A telecom company offers ISPs the ability to resell dynamic IP broadband services over its local loops, but it does not allow the resellers to install broadband network gateways. If an ISP wants to become a reseller but is unable to use NHRP, which tunneling protocol should be implemented?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 5

Refer to the exhibit.


The vrf MAINT has been provisioned and used by the Service Provider management network.The engineer discovers that syslog messages are not being received on the syslog server. IP reachability has been validated using ping. Which issue in the configuration must be corrected?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 6

Refer to the exhibit.


A service provider has multiple time sources in the environment for NTP. The time source at is intended to be seen as a primary time source. What command can be issued on PE4 to fix the configuration, ensuring the proper NTP source will be issued?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 7

Which are the three benefits of using the Yang model? (Choose three.)

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 8

Refer to the exhibit. How will the redistributed routes on R1 from EIGRP into OSPF be installed in the R4 routing table?


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Free 400-201 Sample Question 9

Drag and drop the OAM protocol listed on the left to the correct standard on the right. Not all options will be used.


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Free 400-201 Sample Question 10

A Service Provider provides a Layer 2 connection that is based on IEEE 802.1ad. When the customer tries to access a switch at the other side of the link by using SSH, the connection fails. What is the cause of this failure?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 11

In an MPLS VPN environment, the QoS marking over the MPLS backbone must be different from the one that is received from the customer. The forwarding on the egress PE is based on the marking that is set by the ingress PE. Which null label and QoS mode can achieve this?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 12

An engineer is deploying RTBH. What is necessary routing constraint required for successful implementation?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 13

Refer to the exhibit.


ABC and XYZ MPLS VPN customers are accruing Internet access. Both CEs are sending traffic to the Internet. Which statement about their connectivity is true?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 14

Drag and drop the IOS XR NTP access group options on the left to the right from the least restrictive (top) to the most restrictive order (bottom).


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Free 400-201 Sample Question 15

Which Cisco IOS XR Virtualization technology provides full isolation between virtualized routing instances for extra control plane resources?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 16

An engineer wants to configure MPLS TE Fast Reroute with link protection on five routers. Which methodology can reduce configuration on the point of the local repair router and successfully complete the task?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 17

Refer to the exhibit. An MPLS Layer 3 VPN service has been provisioned for a customer. What will be the ToS value at Site-B for the exceeded traffic that it is sent from Site-A with ToS 2?


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Free 400-201 Sample Question 19

Drag and drop Evolved Packet Core functional entities on the left to the correct description on the right.


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Free 400-201 Sample Question 20

Which BGP feature improves the convergence and response time to adjacency changes with BGP neighbors?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 21

Which are the two purposes of the MPLS label value 1? (Choose two.)

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 22

Refer to the exhibit. Why is R3 unable to install in its routing table?


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Free 400-201 Sample Question 23

An engineer wants to configure Fast Reroute in the network. Which methodology eliminates RSVP configuration in the network?

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 24

What are three actions that the control word performs in MPLS AToM? (Choose three.)

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Free 400-201 Sample Question 25

What are two advantages of Cisco IOS XR Software over Cisco IOS Software? (Choose two.)

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