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Sample Questions

Free 6103 Sample Question 1

A customer is mirroring multiple ports to a single monitor port.
What happens if the mirrored traffic exceeds the bandwidth of the monitor port?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 2

Which multicast technology, used with the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000, allows the router to determine whether any group members exist on its directly connected networks and switches?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 3

QoS is the ability to manage the performance of data flows by giving treatment to the data flows, users, and applications.
For which two network problems would QoS be a good solution? (Choose two.)

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Free 6103 Sample Question 4

The Key Health Indicators (KHI) feature of Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 provides a subset of health information that allows for quick assessment of the overall operational state of the device. The show khi forwarding commands are the way to view this health information.
What kinds of slots are the show khi forwarding commands valid for?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 5

How do the Switch Fabric (SF) modules provide bandwidth management across the I/O modules?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 6

On an ERS 8000, which command is used to see the state of an installed interface card?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 7

On an ERS 8000 system that is configured for use with IPv6, which command would show whether or not the VRRP instance is configured correctly on a particular interface?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 8

On the VSP 9000 and ERS 8000, the Switch Fabric (SF) modules are installed to intelligently switch or route traffic coming into the chassis.
What determines the SF module function on the VSP 9000?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 9

Which statement about the local router MAC addresses on RSMLT aggregation switches (cluster) is true?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 10

Refer to the exhibit.


After checking the VLAN configuration using the show vlan info basic, and the show vlan info port commands, there are no ACTIVE MEMBER ports for VLAN-50.
What is causing this problem?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 11

A company has a virtualized computing environment, and their VSP 9000 can be configured so that the ports are considered "lossless" in their redundant network design.
Which two traffic types are supported on a "lossless" port? (Choose two.)

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Free 6103 Sample Question 12

Given the following syntax:
config ethernet <ports> ip create <ipaddr/mask><vid>[mac_offset <value>]
Which action is depicted in the command above?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 13

A customer is expressing concern about reliability for their single uplink connections to the wiring closet. The switches in the wiring closet support Distributed Multi-Link Trunking (DMLT).
What can be done so the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 can eliminate a single point of failure for the lowest cost?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 14

Source MAC address-based VLANs are an example of which group of VLAN types?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 15

Which statement describes a characteristic of Routed Split Multilink Trunking (RSMLT) configuration?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 16

Refer to the exhibit.


While troubleshooting your VSP 9000 system, you run the command flight-recorder all
1. The associated files ace created.
Based on the information in the exhibit, where are the associated files stored?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 17

In a VSP 9000 chassis, which command is used to see the information on the installed software?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 18

Given the following error message:
Power Supply Down(PsID=1,OperStatus=4)
What does the error message mean regarding the power supply?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 19

After experiencing issues with XFPs, the show sys pluggable-optical-modules info CLI command is used to find the switch that does not recognize the XFPs.
What is another method that can be used to view the XFP compatibility?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 20

Flight Recorder can be used on the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 to help Identify problems. When can a Flight Recorder snapshot be taken?

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Free 6103 Sample Question 21

After issuing a show mlt ist stats (CLI) or show ist stat (ACLI) command, it is determined that the running type is normal MLT and not IST.
What are two causes of the IST not running properly? (Choose two.)

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Free 6103 Sample Question 22

Once you have enabled the web server within the system for EDM access, what is the syntax to allow only secure connections?

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