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Sample Questions

Free 642-883 Sample Question 1

Refer to the OSPF command exhibit


Which effect does the no-summary command option have?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 2

When troubleshooting OSPF neighbor errors, which three verification steps should be considered? (Choose three.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 3

On Cisco IOS XR Software, which set of commands is used to enable the gi0/0/0/1 interface for OSPF in area 0?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 4

Which three statements are true regarding the OSPF router ID? (Choose three.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 5

Which two OSPF network scenarios require OSPF virtual link configuration? (Choose two.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 6

What is function of the RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:PE1(config-ospf)#distance Cisco IOS-XR command?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 7

Which four statements are correct regarding IS-IS operations? (Choose four.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 8

When configuring IPv4 and IPv6 IS-IS routing on Cisco IOS XR routers, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 9

Refer to the PE1 router routing table output exhibit.


What is causing the i su [115/30] via, 00:40:34, Null0 entry on the PE1 router routing table?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 10

In comparing IS-IS with OSPF, a Level-1-2 IS-IS router is similar to which kind of OSPF router?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 11

Refer to the topology diagram in the exhibit it.


Which IS-IS feature could be implemented so that the return path for the packets from router Y in area 49.00AA to router X in area 49.00BB will use the more optimal path?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 12

Refer to the exhibit.


Which two configuration options can be used to optimize the IS-IS network scenario? (Choose two.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 13

The Cisco IOS XE Software summary-address router IS-IS configuration command can be used to send a summarized route into which IS-IS hierarchy?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 14

Refer to the Cisco IOS XE IS-IS configuration exhibit.


What are two problems with the configuration that are causing the IPv4, or the IPv6, or the IPv4 and IPv6 IS-IS operations to fail? (Choose two.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 15

In which network environment is IS-IS adjacency check important?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 16

Refer to the IS-IS configuration exhibit.


This is the typical IS-IS configuration of the routers in an AS using IS-IS as the IGP. This AS is in the transition phase of integrating IPv6 into the network. During this transition phase, some of the routers within the AS might be running IPv4 only, some might be running IPv6 only, and others might be running both IPv4 and IPv6. To avoid any black holes for the IPv6 traffic, which configuration change can be made?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 17

When implementing OSPF, which type of networks require DR/BDR election?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 18

The S bit in the MPLS header is used for what purpose?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 19

What are two purposes of the BGP scan-time command? (Choose two.

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 20

When using the show bgp ipv6 unicast summary command to verify the IPv6 BGP session status with the IPv6 BGP peers, you noticed the "St/PfxRcd" status for one of the IPv6 BGP peers is in the "Active" state. What does the "Active" state indicate?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 21

Which three BGP configuration groupings are supported on Cisco IOS XR Software? (Choose three.)

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 22

Which AS path access list is used by a multihomed customer to only announce their own address space to their service providers to prevent the multihomed customer from becoming a transit AS?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 23

What is recursive lookup in BGP and how does it work?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 24

Which reserved AS number or range of numbers is used for backward compatibility between old BGP peers using 16-bit AS number and new BGP peers using 32-bit AS number?

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Free 642-883 Sample Question 25

Which BGP attribute is a set of generic tags that can be used to signal various routing policies between BGP routers?


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Free 642-883 Sample Question 26

Which of the following is a characteristic of dual-multihomed connectivity between an enterprise network and the service provider network or networks?

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