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Sample Questions

Free 646-206 Sample Question 1

What are three current business factors that are influencing customer decisions in making technology investments?(Choose three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 2

Which three services does Cisco provide to customers? (Choose three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 3

you discover that a financuial institution is planning to acquire two banks and wants to scale ita infrastructure independent of the size of the acquired entities and deliver next-generation functionality almost immediately. Which three options are the most apropriate questions to ask a business decision maker?(Choose three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 4

What are three of the major technological and demographic transitions occurring today that are having a profound effect on business and IT? (Choose three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 5

Which option best describes the primary value of the Cisco IP Next-Generation Netw

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 6

What is the Cisco goal regarding market share for each of the major markets that it s products compete in?

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 7

Which three customer needs are addressed by Cisco solutions? (Choose  three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 8

A standard three-year term, next-business-day hardware replacement, and telephone support are features of which Cisco support program?

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 9

In which area of the campus LAN are the user computers attached

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 10

Which two features characterize controller-based deployments in a WLAN? (Choose two)?

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 11

Which three options signal a customer need for a new corenetwork infrastructure (including routing)? (Choose three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 12

A customer wants to be able to detect and mitigate Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of interference in their wireless enterprise network. Which Cisco access point should you recommend to the customer?

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 13

Suppose tha a Cisco Partner wants to achieve Cisco Gold Certified status with a Borderless Network Architecture Specialization. Which two things must be done? (Choose two.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 14

Which two factors are driving the demand for borderless networks? (Choose two)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 15

What is the goal of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture?

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 16

Which three options are primary benefits of Cisco CleanAir technology? (Choose three.)

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 17

Which Cisco product family can simultaneousl implement firewall, VPN, content security network access control,  and services virtualization

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Free 646-206 Sample Question 18

Which service does the Cisco IronPort portfolio perform?

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