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Sample Questions

Free 648-232 Sample Question 1

Which two platforms are the first to be combined to make up the WebEx Meetings shared SaaS platform?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 2

What is the maximum capacity of participants for a Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Training Center meeting?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 3

Your primary site becomes unavailable. Which one of these features enables you to automatically and transparently move all collaboration activity to the backup site, ensuring a seamless user experience?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 4

With regard to conference node redundancy, if a region requires 2400 G.711 ports, then how many nodes should it include?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 5

Which two of these factors should be considered when determining the size of a conference system? (Choose two.)

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 6

Which feature in Cisco WebEx Meeting Center allows you to collaboratively brainstorm ideas and take notes?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 7

Which three host capabilities are available on WebEx for iPad? (Choose three.)

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 8

Which new WebEx feature allows for the main video to switch automatically to the present speaker, using voice activation?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 9

One of the challenges of online training is measuring class effectiveness. Which two tools does Cisco WebEx Training Center use to measure this? (Choose two.)

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 10

You are late for a meeting and you missed the first half of the conversation. Which feature allows you to never miss the contents of a meeting?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 11

What does the global attentiveness meter monitor?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 12

Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of the immersive customer service experiences that are offered by WebEx Support Center? (Choose two.)

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 13

What is the number one customer complaint surveyed by technical support organizations?

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 14

What are the three ways that the WebEx Support Center improves key performance metrics for a business? (Choose three.)

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Free 648-232 Sample Question 15

What is the difference between HQ and HD video?

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