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Sample Questions

Latest 70-450 Updated Microsoft Exam Sample Question 1

You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance.
You plan to deploy a new database that has the following capacity requirements: 275 GB for the database data file 50 GB for the transaction log file The storage array has six 100-GB disk drives available for the  database. The disks are attached to a redundant array of independent  disks (RAID) controller that supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 10.  The write performance of the transaction log needs to be maximized. The  database and transaction log files must be protected  in  the  event of a drive failure. You need to design the storage system. Which storage configuration should you use?

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Free Microsoft 70-450 Exam Sample Question 2

You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance. The instance is located on a four-processor, quad-core server. The server frequently experiences CPU pressure. The instance contains a very large mission-critical database that is used continuously. You need to ensure that online index rebuilds do not consume  all available CPU cycles. Which configuration option should you use?

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New Microsoft 70-450 Exam Dumps Question 3

You administer a SQL Server 2008 infrastructure. An instance runs  on a computer that has eight quad-core processors and 128-GB RAM. Four different applications use the instance. The instance experiences a low number of CXPACKET waits. The instance also experiences a large number  of lazy writer  waits. You need to optimize  the  performance of the instance. What should you do?

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Updated Microsoft 70-450 Exam Dumps Sample Question 4

You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance.
The instance runs on a computer that has the following features:
A 64-GB RAM Four quad-core processors Several independent physical raid volumes You plan to implement a transactional database on the instance. The database is expected to have a high volume of INSERT, UPDATE, and  DELETE activities. The activities include creation of new tables. You  need to optimize  the performance of the database by maximizing disk  bandwidth and  reducing  the  contention in the storage  allocation structures. What should you do?

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Download Microsoft 70-450 Exam Dumps Question 5

You administer a SQL Server 2008 instance. You deploy a new database  named Engineering. The Engineering database manages large documents  that will be revised occasionally. You need to design a table structure that allows fast read access. You also need to minimize storage space requirements. Which two actions  should  you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

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