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Sample Questions

Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 1

A network administrator deploys several HP MSM APs and an HP MSM Controller. The APs discover the controller, establish management tunnels, and become synchronized. The administrator wants to check some settings on one of the APs and attempts to reach its web browser interface, but the request times out. However, a ping to the AP succeeds. What explains this behavior?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 2

A company is deploying an HP MSM760 Controller that will control approximately 80 HP MSM APs. The HP MSM solution will provide wireless guest services and a WLAN for employees, which is secured with WPA2 and 802.1X.
The controller will perform the following functions:
. Handle all guest traffic
. Provide DHCP services for guest clients
. Force guests to log in through a web page and implement access controls
How should the network administrator connect the controller to the corporate LAN?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 3

A network administrator maps a network profile with aVLAN ID 512 to the LAN port of an HP MSM765zl Mobility Controller The network administrator configures an IP interface for this profile and intends to contact and manage the controller on this interface.
All other settings remain at default.
What is one step that the network administrator must complete before connecting to the controller on its new IP address?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 4

Refer to the exhibit. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151116png A network administrator needs to configure a local mesh between the three APs shown in the exhibit.
The network administrator configured AP1 for the master role. What are valid roles for AP 2 and AP 3?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 5

HP MSM APs support a VSC that specifies 54 Mbps as the highest supported data rate. Several clients connect to the WLAN associated with this VSC.
What is the throughput and bandwidth that the clients experience?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 6

HP2-Z32A company has an HP MSM solution with an MSM Controller and APs.
The company requires a WLAN that enforces WPA2 with 802.1X authentication. The company has a RADIUS server that will authenticate wireless users. The RADIUS server administrators would prefer to define just one RADIUS client on the server. Which VSC setting should the MSM administrator plan for this scenario?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 7

Which feature should you enable to enhance Layer 2 (L2) roaming?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 8

What is the maximum number of E-MSM controllers that can be configured into a single team?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 9

What are the major benefits of creating a team of controllers? (Select two.)

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 10

When would the IP address of the Internet port on an MSM controller be set to "No Address"?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 11

In order to create a new VLAN in an MSM controller configuration, which path should you take to access the correct screen?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 12

When Centralized Access Control is configured as Automatic, when is a user data tunnel created?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 13

What distinguishes an HP MSM460 AP from an HP MSM430 AP?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 14

An MSM administrator creates an access-controlled VSC, which is not the default VSC, on a standalone MSM Controller The controller should implement DHCP relay on this VSC; clients will receive IP addresses from an external DHCP server The DHCP scope for the clients uses and sets the default gateway to The subnet is reserved for the wireless clients and does not exist in the LAN.
Which requirement applies to this scenario?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 15

A company has two MSM760 Controllers that form a team. Some of the company's APs connect in remote offices and require Layer 3 discovery settings. The company has selected the DHCP option for Layer 3 discovery.
What should be included in the DHCP option list?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 16

A company has an HP MSM solution that consists of an HP MSM760 Access Controller and controlled HP MSM APs. The solution includes a VSC that enforces local Web-Auth (HTML- based user login) using web pages and guest accounts configured on the controller The company wants to prevent guests from logging in after normal business hours. Which action describes the correct setting to meet these requirements?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 17

Which devices negotiate the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) method during the 802.1X authentication process?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 18

A company CEO hears about Hole 196 and is concerned that WPA/WPA2 will not protect the company's wireless communications from eavesdroppers.
Which statement accurately describes this vulnerability?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 19

Which 802.11 frames can be sent at any supported rate (as opposed to the basic rate)?

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Free hp2-z32 Sample Question 20

The MSM APs in an MSM solution are configured to use Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) on their 2.4 GHz radios. Which adjustment would cause the ACS to function more efficiently?

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Free hp2-z32 Sample Question 21

Which EAP method requires the supplicant and the authentication server to mutually authenticate with digital certificates?

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Free HP2-Z32 Sample Question 22

What is the primary difference between AES-CCMP and TKIP?

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