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Sample Questions

Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 1

You are currently hosting multiple applications in a VPC and ha ve logged numerous port scans coming in from a specific IP address block. Your security team has reques ted that all access from the offending IP address block be denied tor the next 24 hours. Which of the following is the best method to quickly and tempor arily deny access from the spec- ified IP address block?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 2

When preparing for a compliance assessment of your system built  inside of AWS. what are three best- practices for you to prepare for anaudit? Choose 3 answers

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 3

You have started a new job and are reviewing your company's inf rastructure on AWS You notice one web application where they have an Elastic Load Balancer (&B) in fr ont of web instances in an Auto Scaling Group When you check the metrics for the ELB in CloudWatch you  see four healthy instances In Availability Zone (AZ) A and zero in AZ B There are zero unheal thy in- stances.

What do you need to fix to balance the instances across AZs?

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 4

You have been asked to leverage Amazon VPC BC2 and SOS to imple ment an application that submits and receives millions of messages per second to a message queue . You want to ensure your application has sufficient bandwidth between your EC2 instances and SQS
Which option will provide (he most scalable solution for commun icating between the application and SOS?

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 5

You have identified network throughput as a bottleneck on your  ml small EC2 instance when up- loading data Into Amazon S3 In the same region.
How do you remedy this situation?`

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 6

When attached to an Amazon VPC which two components provide con nectivity with external networks? Choose 2 answers

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 7

Your application currently leverages AWS Auto Scaling to grow a nd shrink as load Increases' decreases and has been performing well Your marketing team expects a stea dy ramp up in traffic to follow an upcoming campaign that will result in a 20x growth in traffic o ver 4 weeks Your forecast for the approximate number of Amazon EC2 instances necessary to meet th e peak de- mand is 175.
What should you do to avoid potential service disruptions durin g the ramp up in traffic?

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 8

You have an Auto Scaling group associated with an Elastic Load  Balancer (ELB). You have no- ticed that instances launched via the Auto Scaling group are being marked  unhealthy due to an ELB health check, but these unhealthy instances are not being terminated
What do you need to do to ensure trial instances marked unhealt hy by the ELB will be termi- nated and replaced?

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 9

Which two AWS services provide out-of-the-box user configurable  automatic backup-as-a-ser- vice and backup rotation options? Choose 2 answers

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Free AWS-SYSOPS Sample Question 10

An organization has configured a VPC with an Internet Gateway ( IGW). pairs of public and pri- vate subnets (each with one subnet per Availability Zone), and an El astic Load Balancer (ELB) configured to use the public subnets The application s web tier leverages the  ELB. Auto Scaling and a mum-AZ RDS database instance The organization would like to eliminate any  potential single points ft failure in this design.
What step should you take to achieve this organization's objective?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 11

Which of the following are characteristics of Amazon VPC subnets? (Choose 2 answers)

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 12

You are creating an Auto Scaling group whose Instances need to insert a custom metric into CloudWatch.
Which method would be the best way to authenticate your CloudWatch PUT request?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 13

When an EC2 instance that is backed by an S3-based AMI Is termi nated, what happens to the data on me root volume?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 14

You have a web application leveraging an Elastic Load Balancer  (ELB) In front of the web servers deployed using an Auto Scaling Group Your database is running o n Relational Database Service (RDS) The application serves out technical articles and responses to  them in general there are more views of an article than there are responses to the article. On occasion, a n article on the site becomes extremely popular resulting in significant traffic Increases that causes  the site to go down.
What could you do to help alleviate the pressure on the infrast ructure while maintaining avail- ability during these events? Choose 3 answers

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 15

The majority of your Infrastructure is on premises and you have  a small footprint on AWS Your company has decided to roll out a new application that is heavily depen dent on low latency con- nectivity to LOAP for authentication Your security policy requires minimal change s to the com- pany's existing application user management processes.
What option would you implement to successfully launch this application1?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 16

You need to design a VPC for a web-application consisting of an  Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). a fleet of web/application servers, and an RDS database The entire Infrast ructure must be distrib- uted over 2 availability zones.
Which VPC configuration works while assuring the database is not available from the Internet?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 17

An application that you are managing has EC2 instances & Dynamo OB tables deployed to sev- eral AWS Regions In order to monitor the performance of the application globally, you would like to see two graphs1) Avg CPU Utilization across all EC2 instances and 2) Number of Throt- tled Requests for all DynamoDB tables.
How can you accomplish this?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 18

When assessing an organization s use of AWS API access credenti als which of the following three credentials should be evaluated? Choose 3 answers

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 19

You have a Linux EC2 web server instance running inside a VPC T he instance is In a public sub- net and has an EIP associated with it so you can connect to It over the  Internet via HTTP or SSH The instance was also fully accessible when you last logged in via SSH. and was  also serving web requests on port 80. Now you are not able to SSH into the host nor does it respond to we b requests on port 80 that were working fine last time you checked You have double-checked that all networki ng configu- ration parameters (security groups route tables. IGW'EIP. NACLs etc) are properly configure d {and you haven't made any changes to those anyway since you were last able to reach the In- stance).  You look at the EC2 console and notice that system status check shows "impaired."
Which should be your next step in troubleshooting and attemptin g to get the instance back to a healthy state so that you can log in again?

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 21

Your entire AWS infrastructure lives inside of one Amazon VPC Y ou have an Infrastructure monitoring application running on an Amazon instance in Availability Zone  (AZ) A of the re- gion, and another application instance running in AZ B. The monitoring applicatio n needs to make use of ICMP ping to confirm network reachability of the instance hosting the applic ation. Can you configure the security groups for these instances to only allow the ICMP ping to pass from th e monitoringinstance to the application instance and nothing else'' If so how?

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Free aws-sysops Sample Question 22

You have two Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the same Availability Zone (AZ) but in different subnets.One instance is running a database and the other instance an application that will interface with the database. You want to confirm that they can talk to each other for your application to work properly.
Which two things do we need to confirm in the VPC settings so that these EC2 instances can communicate inside the VPC? Choose 2 answers

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Free AWS-SysOps Sample Question 23

Which services allow the customer to retain full administrative privileges of the underlying EC2 instances?Choose 2 answers

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