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Sample Questions

Free C4040-251 Sample Question 1

What is a characteristic of virtualizing workloads?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 2

A customer wants to save on IBM i licensing costs:

They have three configurable processors and one IBM i license

      - LPAR1 is running IBM i with .5 CPU

      - LPAR2 is running IBM i with .5 CPU

      - LPAR3 is running AIX with 1 CPU All of the

      - LPARs are uncapped. They want to limit the IBM i LPARs to using one core.

How can the customer enforce the limit and save on their IBM i licensing costs?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 3

Which of the following Linux distributions supports Little Endian (LE) on POWERS processor- based

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 4

What benefit does the CAP I feature of POWER8 provide?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 5

A customer wants to run seven AIX 7.1 partitions in a virtualized environment. The server is a 20-core S822, with 128GB of memory.
Which of the following I/O adapter combinations satisfies the requirement?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 6

Which of the following is open source software that hosts the virtual machines on a KVM hypervisor?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 7

A customer wants to show workloads in real time, highlighting possible problems or bottlenecks.
What will satisfy the requirement?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 8

A customer is ordering a 4-core S814 with the following partitions:
- An IBM i partition capped at 1.0 processors
- A second IBM i partition capped at 0.5 processors, running a Web Sphere application.
- An AIX partition capped at 0.5 processors.
- A Linux partition capped at 0.5 processors.
How many Web Sphere licenses are required to support this configuration?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 9

A customer wants to have an AIX Power HA cluster span two sites separated by 100 kilometers.
Which option will span the two sites?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 10

A customer would like a Scale-out server solution with eight cores. They require three partitions. Each partition needs redundant LAN and SAN adapters.
Which solution supports the minimum requirement?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 11

A customer has a 4-node cluster serving a few different applications. The storage requirements are not clearly defined and would be very unpredictable.
How would shared storage pools benefit this customer?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 12

A customer is considering a fully-virtualized infrastructure to be built on Power Systems.
Which capability would allow storage virtualization, and reduce the effort of adding storage to client partitions for the Power system administrator?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 13

A customer needs a new server for their database currently running on a 16-core POWER7 4.1 GHz based server. Oracle has informed the customer that their SPARC T5 based servers are best suited for running databases, because the SPARC T5 has eight threads per core, while the current servers only allow for up to four threads per core.
Which of the following statements could be correctly used to repudiate the Oracle claim?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 14

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has the following requirements to meet compliance:
. "Secure audit trails so they cannot be altered."
. "Verify that current audit trail files are protected from unauthorized modifications via access control mechanisms, physical segregation, and network segregation."
Which Power SC offering will support these requirements?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 15

What supports the Easy Tier function for an S822?


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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 16

A client needs to analyze data in motion in order to be able to respond to millions of events as they happen per second.
Which offering will satisfy their requirement?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 17

What provides a comparison of Power Systems to competitors for applications?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 18

A customer is setting up two new partitions where IBM i is hosting the storage. The customer's high priority is to complete the backups to physical tape as fast as possible, while automating the movement of the single tape library between the partitions Tape library functions are needed for the backup.
Which combination of storage virtualization will achieve the customer's backup priority''

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 19

A customer with IBM i and AIX platforms wants to take advantage of a recently acquired XIV Storage
System, TS3500 and POWERS system. They are planning to implement 10 LPARs and need to have access to the tape library for SAN backups. The customer also wants to minimize the downtime by VIO Server maintenance.
Which option will satisfy their requirements?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 20

An AIX customer wants to be sure they can update their SAN multipath drivers with a minimal amount of risk, while still being able to perform Live Partition Mobility operations.
Which disk connectivity technology supports these requirements?

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Free C4040-251 Sample Question 21

A customer running AIX wants to run DB2 on a new S824 server with uncapped partitions. The customer has licensed DB2 for 15 of the 24 active cores and will use it in multiple partitions.
How can the customer ensure that DB2 does not exceed the number of licenses purchased?

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