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Sample Questions

Free C4090-460 Sample Question1

A customer issued a RFP for a storage system that requires direct host attachment using SAS.
Which disk storage solutionshould the sale specialist propose?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 2

A customer has two different storage solutions in separate data centers 1200 km apart. The customer is considering a change from host based replication to storage-system based replication.
Which solution should the sales specialist offer?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 3

A customer is purchasing an IBM storage subsystem that will be first in the enterprise and is listed on the IBM STG Solution Assurance Trigger Criteria and Designated Product List (DPL) as mandatory for first in customer location.
What is the sales teamrequired to complete in this situation?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 4

A customer has a project to consolidate its Windows servers environment to to VMWare and needs to design a new backup/restore solution to simplify and integrate it into the VMWare administrator interface.
Which IBM software solution will address the requirement?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 5

Which IBM organization provides pre-sales technical support on configuration and technical questions?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 6

The sales specialist is recommending an IBM TS7620 to achieve greater efficiency with a client’s current environment.
What is a potential benefit to the client?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 7

A customer wants to add storage to a mixed server environment and re-utilize the existing storage. The customer requires a single management interface of its storage environment and would like to add NAS functionality in the future.
Which IBM solution would provide the lowest acquisition cost for this customer?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 8

A customer is looking for a high level of protectionfor its key applications and databases using an advanced integrated application snapshot backup and restore capabilities.
Which optional single Tivoli product addresses these requirement?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 9

A customer would like to back up its Symantec environment locally to a deduplicated virtual tape library. A customer also needs a copy of that data available off site at its remote disaster recovery site.
Which IBM Solution should you recommend?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 10

A customer has an established IBM Storwize V7000 Storage environment. A new business requirement has been received that requires data to be archived and available on a cost effective disk solution. The plan is to virtualize this additional archive storage capacity behind one of the IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems already in the production environment.
Which product should you recommend to this customer to meet the new business requirement?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 11

You are proposing an IBM Storwize V5000 for a customer’s data center and two IBM Storwize V3700s to be placed in its two remote branch offices. The customer requires branch office data to be replicated to the main data center.
What is the critical feature of the proposed solution to this customer?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 12

Which sales enablement tool contains IBM’s priority sales conversations as defined by IBM salesleaders?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 13

A public transportation customer wants to accelerate its database batch processes. Flexibility, dual-site production connectivity, High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are mandatory.
Which solution should the sales representative propose?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 14

A customer with existing TS3100 Tape Library has a need to add an additional LTO-6 half-height drive. The customer has LTO-4 media.
Which access level will the LTO-6 drive provide for this customer?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 15

A client has a heterogeneous storage environment containing disk products like EMC Clarion,HP EVA and IBM DS5300. The task is to simplify the management of the existing storage infrastructure.
Which IBM solution should be recommended to this client?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 16

A customer currently relies on tapes for backup purposes and wants an alternative solution to improve the restore performance for critical data.
Which IBM solution should be suggested?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 17

Which open source interface enables a customer to connect a storage infrastructure to a public cloud?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 18

A customer needs a high availability solution for its file service infrastructurein an existing IBM StorwizeV7000 storage system.
Which solution should you recommend?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 19

A customer with an IBM Power system is interested in moving from server internal disk to an IBM Storwize and V7000 wants to implement POWER HA and replication.
Which feature on the IBM Storwize V7000 is a requirement?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 20

When discussinga storagearchitecture with a client, the storage sales person discovers the requirement for a high number of random IOPs.
Why did this occur?

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Free C4090-460 Sample Question 21

A customer’s goal is to optimize the existing backup infrastructure containing Symantec Backup Exec software and an IBM TS3310 (3576-L5B) tape library.
Currently, the two LTO-5 drives are running at 80 % utilization. Because the customer expects a 30 % capacity increase over the next three years, the backup window will be missed in the future.
Which budget-sensitive solution should be offered to this customer?

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Free c4090-460 Sample Question 22

How does the IBM Software Defined Storage (SDS) deliver a new generation of overall efficiency and analytics?

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