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Sample Questions

Free C4090-971 Sample Question 1

A customer currently owns a Scalar LTO-5 SAS single drive autoloader. Planned future growth requires a tape library with capacity of four LTO-6drives and 40 data cartridges.
Which IBM product meets the requirement while minimizing impact on the budget?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 2

A customer is looking to improve performance in its storage environment. The customer is considering adding SSD drives or a FlashSystem product to the environment.
Which IBM tool will help the customer understand the benefit in performance of these different technologies?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 3

What is the next step for a failed installation of an IBM TS4500 where there have been I/O errors that prevent placing the library into production even after replacement of multiple parts and verification of configuration definitions?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 4

A customer is considering the Cisco MDS 9148 and the IBM SAN48B-5 SAN switches.
What are two key advantages for the IBM SAN48B-5 switch? (Choose two.)

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 5

A customer is considering a storage consolidation project.
Which tool should you use to help the customer understandthat the IBM solution will be more cost-effective than the competitors?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 6

A customer has experienced high drive failure and loss of data in its environment and is considering XIV to replace the existing storage.
Which XIV benefit should the technical specialist highlight to address this customer’s concerns?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 7

Which solution provides virtualization, consolidation, and automation for a cloud deployment?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 8

A customer has a single frame TS3500 tape library with 6-3592-E07 drives. A new open systems server was recently purchased and, because of budget constraints, the customer is considering less expensive LTO-6 drives while protecting investment in existing tape cartridges.
What is the most economical way to achieve this goal?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 9

Which storage solution should you propose to a customer with a large VMware environment and one IBM System z?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 10

A customer has asked an IBM technical specialist about growth in I/O on its existing system. The specialist generated the following table:


Which tool was used to produce this table?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 11

How many ports from a full 15 module XIV Storage System are recommended initially to connect to an IBM Spectrum Virtualize Controller?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 12

Which upgrade is possible for a customer with IBM FlashSystem 840?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 13

A customer needs to implement Easy Tier in its data center for better and faster performance.
Which IBM product should the technical specialist propose?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 14

A customer would like to use Analytics to drive business growth, reduce fraud, and increase efficiency. However, budgets are limited and the customer would like to use IBM Spectrum Scale to save money with the current storage infrastructure.
Which two IBM Spectrum Scale characteristics are applicable? (Choose two.)

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 15

A customer’s data center was constructed 15 years ago. Since then its growth has exceeded expectations and necessitated the deployment of a large number of servers, storage subsystems, and switches. The energy company is currently providing the maximum amount of electricity to the data center.
What should the IBM Technical Specialist do to enable the customer’s continued ability to expand its computer and storage growth?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 16

What is the minimum role level needed to download support log files to troubleshoot the IBM SAN Volume Controller?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 17

A customer has an existing mainframe environment with a DS8870 attached. This frame is only partially populated. The customer is attaching existing IBM POWER servers that require a three-tier storage solution including SSDs. Electrical power is not readily available. Price is also a keycriterionin making the decision.
Which addition to the existing system should beproposedto this customer?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 18

A solution architect has determined the amount of spindles needed to satisfy performance and RAID level requirements for a DS8870.
Which tool provides information on the number of spare drives included in the system?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 19

A customer has several legacy storage arrays containing many hot spare disks. The customer has heard that the IBM XIV does not have any hot spares.
What should the technical specialist explain to the customer about the way the IBM XIV works?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 20

Which IBM storage offering scales linearly without hot-spots and delivers insights from analytics faster with tuning-free data distribution?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 21

A customer is considering the purchase of an XIV system and wants the standard warranty.
What is the standard hardware warranty for this purchase?

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Free c4090-971 Sample Question 22

A customer has requested an IBM Spectrum Virtualize solution with capability to make it easy for users to create relevant and meaningful custom reports.
What should the solution architect propose to satisfy this requirement?

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Free C4090-971 Sample Question 23

Which feature in a DS8870 allows a customer to provide access to production data in its training environment without impacting the integrity of the production data?

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Free C4090-917 Sample Question 24

During a Technical Delivery and Assessment (TDA) for a DS8870, the solution architect
was directed to use Disk Magic to size the solution.What will Disk Magic provide in this situation?

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