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Sample Questions

Free EX200 Sample Question 1

CORRECT TEXT Configure your Host Name, IP Address, Gateway and DNS.
Host name: station.domain40.example.com
hostname abc.com
IP Address:

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Free EX200 Sample Question 2

Add 3 users: harry, natasha, tom.  The requirements: The Addition al group of the two users:  harry, Natasha is the admin  group. The user: tom's login sh ell should be non-interactive.

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Free EX200 Sample Question 3

Create a catalog under /home named admins. Its  respective group is requested to be the  admin group. The group users  could read and write, while ot her users are not allowed to  access it. The  files created by users from the  same group should also be the admin group.

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Free EX200 Sample Question 4

Configure a task: plan to run echo  hello command at 14:23 every day.

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Free EX200 Sample Question 5

Find the files owned by harry, and copy it to catalog: /opt/dir

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Free EX200 Sample Question 6

Find the rows that contain abcde  from file /etc/testfile, and write  it to the file/tmp/testfile, and  the  sequence is requested as the same as /etc/testfile.

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Free EX200 Sample Question 7

Create a 2G swap partition which take effect aut omatically at boot-start, and it should not  affect the original swap partition.

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Free EX200 Sample Question 8

Create a user named alex, and  the user id should be 1234, and the password should be  alex111.

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Free EX200 Sample Question 9

Install a FTP server, and request to anonymous  download from /var/ftp/pub catalog. (it  needs you to configure yum direct to the already existing file server. )

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Free EX200 Sample Question 10

Configure a HTTP server, which can be accessed through  
Please download the released page from https://ip/dir/example.html.

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