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Sample Questions

Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 1

On which entity is a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) function repformed when using the HP StoreOnce Backup System?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 2

A regional market leader in direct financial services runs several call center across the United States and is opening a number of new call center in the near future. The client uses Windows XP on dedicated workstations. The IT infrastructure consists of numerous HP Proliant DL360 G5 and HP Proliant DL360 G6 servers running VMware ESX or SUSE Linux for the database server direct-attached storage and HP Ultrium tape drives. They want to consolidate the infrastructure.
You are meeting with the IT director. Which technical benefits should you emphasize in your presentation of a new solution? (Select two)

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 3

A company's Leas SAN Architect considers HP 3PAR StoreServ a Tier 2 solution due the requirement for node reboot during Inform Operating System upgrades. You present the HP 3PAR Persistence Port feature to the customer to address their concerns. (Refer to the exhibit.) httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151110png Which crucial characteristics are true about the HP 3PAR Persistence Port feature? (Select two)

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 4

A customer wants to implement a new backup solution. The environment is predominantly Fibre Channel with Windows 2008, Linux hosts, and a number of HPUX hosts attached to a 10 GbE network. They have expressed an interest in the HP StoreOnce technology and its integration with HP Data Protector.
When designing an HP StoreOnce solution for this environment, what needs to be considered?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 5

A pharmaceutical company is planning to replace their existing SAN environment with new HP 3PAR StoreServ array. They run a multi-vendor data center and need to support applications running under multiple operating systems. They must support AIX, VmWare and Microsoft Windows.
10800FC-duo (exhibit):
httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151113png A pharmaceutical company is planning to replace their existing SAN environment with a new HP 3PAR S to and need to support applications running under multiple operating systems. They must support AIX, VMware versions of Microsoft Windows - Explore HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage interoperability:
. HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 Storage was previously known as HP P10000 3PAR Storage System
. Storage array models 10400 and 10800 were previously Known as P10000(V400) and P10000(V800) respectively
. HP 3PAR OS 3.1.1 was previously known as InForm OS 3.1.1
. For Recovery Manager products (RMV, RME, RMS, RMO) and other host-based product supported configurations, please refer to the 3PAR Array Software page
httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151114png Referring to the exhibit, which HP 3PAR StoreServ array would meet their needs?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 6

Which HP 3PAR InForm Operating System feature allows you to create point-in-time clones with independent service-level parameters?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 7

A company is experiencing performance issues on their four node HP StoreServ 10800 configured with 256x 300 GB Fibre Channel drives. A System Reporter analysis reveals that single tier of Fibre Channel storage is under a lot of I/O pressure from an explosion of VMware servers running high I/O messaging applications used to track package routes daily in an Oracle database.
There are 40x 50GB thin provisioned volumes that make up 90% of mostly read I/O activity during regular business hours. The customer is upset and need a solution to quickly increase performance for these critical applications.
Which solution should you propose to cost-effectively resolve this issue?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 8

A pharmaceutical company is planning to replace their existing SAN storage platform with new HP 3PAR StoreServ array. They tell you that they have a very mixed environment, but have no inventory or diagram of the existing environment. Which tool gathers information to determine compatibility of your proposed array?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 9

Which HP 3PAR InForm Operating System feature provides the ability to analyze how volumes on the array are using physical disk space and makes intelligent adjustments to maintain optimal volume distribution when new hardware is added to the system?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 10

Your city government customer has been using HP Eva 6400s for the last three years. While the arrays have performed fairly well and the city particularly likes the ease of management, they have found several situations where the arrays were lacking in functionality. To support multiple organizations with in the city government, they have had to utilize multiple arrays to ensure separation of management and data access. The city also had some issues handling their utility billing and VMware environments in a single array and added a separate array to ensure adequate performance.
Which HP Storage solution should you recommend to meet the requirements of city?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 11

A company is replacing their outdated storage environment with an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 at the primary site and also in their co-location facility. These HP 3PAR 7000 Software Suites are included in the proposed package:
- HP 3PAR 7000 Operating System Software Suite
- HP 3PAR 7000 Reporting Software Suite
- HP 3PAR 7000 Application Software Suite for VMware
- HP 3PAR 7000 Replication Software Suite
What can be accomplished with the proposed software solution? (Select two)

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 12

Refer to the exhibit.


Your customer wants to do a refresh on their storage environment. They have given you a drawing to show the existing environment and told you the following:
- Their preferred SAN fabric is Fibre Channel-based and the switches are only a year old.
- They want to purchase a single block storage solution that services all applications.
- The NetBackup deduplication pool has provide to be an expensive option, and a new backup target is required
- Budget is limited
Which Hp storage product should you prepare to discuss in your initial meeting with this customer? (Select two.)

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 13


Which field should you change to increase useable capacity and still meet the remaining requirements?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 14

You have Proposed HP 3PAR StoreServ thin provisioning capability to achieve a 40 % reduction in raw storage requirements. The customer considers all storage vendors thin provisioning equal. What are the competitive differentiators of HP 3PAR StoreServ thin provisioning? (Select two)

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 15

The Converged Infrastructure Architect of small aviation firm issued an RFP to three vendors for a new Greenfield virtualization infrastructure. The RFP has the following design criteria:
- 8 blades x86 virtualization servers, 2x6 core West mere Processors, 128 GB of RAM
- vCenter Server or a physical host, 1x6 core, 16Gb of RAM, MS Windows 2008R2 license
- licenses for vSphere, five for each server
- scale-out-style, iSCSI-based storage, approximately 100 TB usable
- CIFS access required for a third-party application that is on four physical hosts
- 7x24 /4-hour response support - capacity to support host and storage 10 Gb Ethernet connectivity.
Which products satisfy the design requirements?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 16

Refer to the exhibit.
A company is consuming current Fibre Channel space at 32% per year on their four node HP 3PAR StoreServ 10400, which is currently configured with 256 Fibre Channel 600GB drives. The customer has stated that current performance on the array is fine but requires a cost-effective upgrade proposal that v meet all requirements through the next calendar year.


Based on the regional density report in the exhibit, which hardware and software solution would cost- effectively meet the customer requirements?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 17

A company is running their parts inventory applications on an HP 3PAR F400 storage system with NearLine (SATA) disk drives. These applications are currently using LUN utilizing a Raid 5 (7+1) NL CPG. They are having performance issues while compiling their monthly reports in a timely manner. HP 3PAR System Reporter indicates several high write I/O volumes during production runs.
What should the design team recommend to improve this performance?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 18

A food manufacturing company has an existing HP 9200 Virtual Library System (VLS) an HP Data Protector environment. They currently backup approximately 15-20 TB of data daily to the VLS and then off site all data daily an HP ESL tape library. They have a business requirement of all backup data being off- site within 24 hours and a data retention requirement of three months. The experience an average of 15% data growth per year. Due to future SAP project, data growth is expected to increase by 50% in the next 12 months. The customers is looking at their long- term backup strategy and infrastructure to support the data growth and business requirements.
Which solution meets the customer requirements?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 19

Which IT factors support the customer in accelerating time to market? (Select two)

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Free hp0-j64 Sample Question 20

A customer wants to align their IT structure from their desktop to their rapidly-growing Enterprise data centers.
They need support in designing a long-term strategy. The HP design team wants to present a roadmap to migrate the existing traditional environment into a virtualized infrastructure. Which HP strategy supports the customer roadmap and should be presented in the next meeting?

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Free hp0-j64 Sample Question 21

A customer wants to replicate the same data on their HP 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays to two separate campus locations. Which Remote Copy topology would allow the customer to achieve this activity?

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Free HP0-J64 Sample Question 22

https://www.dumps4download.us/exam/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/screenshot-domain-date-time-42.pngThe customer wants to implement an HP StoreOnce solution for the environment shown.
You have been given the following information:
- Each branch office has approximately 100 GB of data.
- Philadelphia has approximately 2 TB data.
- Pittsburg has approximately 1 TB data.
- All backup data will be replicated back to the data center in Pittsburg.
- Costs should be kept to a minimum but allow for the possibility of adding three more sites.When designing the solution, which factor needs to be considered?

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