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Sample Questions

Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 1

Refer to the exhibit httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads201510210png The exhibit shows a proposed design for a data center network infrastructure. The exhibit shows two racks for simplicity. The data center will actually include more racks. The customer has these key requirements:          - The customer can scale any application and easily install new hardware that supports that application
         - The network supports vMotion for live migration of virtual machine (VMs)
How should the network architect change the proposed design to meet the customer requirements?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 2

Refer to the exhibit. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015119png The exhibit shows the topology for an enterprise LAN with an on-site data center. The intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) gro up of HP 5500 Series switches supports a group of computers that require very high availability to the data center. Therefore, the customer has requested a b ackup gigabit fiber link implement Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) in a single area.
Which tasks should the network architect complete to ensure that the HP 5500 IRF group selects the correct path to the data cen ter during normal operation?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 3

A customer has Voice IP (VoIP) phones that support Link Layer Discovery Protocol Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED). The phase  need to receive their VLAN ID using this protocol. The network architect is proposing HP 5500-48G-PoE+EI switches. Each user computer connects to the  phone, which then connects to the Ethernet jack. LLDP is enabled on the switch. Each Edge port is trunk port that permits VLAN 10 (the user VLAN) and VLAN  20 (the voice VLAN).
Which other setting recommended on the edge port?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 4

A customer wants a simple solution for deploying virtual services at a branch. Which devices support modules running a VMware E SXi hypervisor? (Select two)

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 5

What correctly describes one trend that is changing how network architects must design the data center network infrastructure?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 6

A network architect is planning an intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) group. What should the network architect implement to protect against a split IRF group?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 7

What is the preferred time for completing racking and labeling of equipment for a new implementation?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 8

A network architect has collected data on link utilization. When analyzing link utilization, what is the general guideline?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 9

What are information technology Service Management (ITSM) framework, such as the infrastructure Technology Infrastructure Libra ry (ITILv3) and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 10

If a network architect is planning a secure device management policy, why would administrators need to generate SSH keys on net work infrastructure devices?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 11

A network architect is planning an update of the server access layer in a data center. Currently, the access layer switches hav e 10G links to distribution layer switches. In the new solution, HP 5930 Switches act as top of rack (ToR) switches with 40G links to core switches.
Which factor must the network architect consider when designing solution?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 12

Refer to the exhibit.


A network architect has designed the topology shown in the exhibit. The Gigabit links between distribution layer and the core u ses OM3 grade multi-mode fiber between 100m and 150m long.
The solution is for an enterprise customer whose employees use mostly HTTP-based applications and have medium utilization needs.
What should the network architect do to resolve a potential issue?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 13

A customer requires high availability, so the network architect is planning two area border (ABRs) for each non-backbone area in the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) solution. What ensures a loop-free routing environment that meets the customer needs?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 14

Refer to the exhibit.


The network architect is planning network addresses for the VLANs shown. The company is using the private space. Which guidelines should the network architect follow?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 15

A company is upgrading a data center network solution in phases. The first phase involves updating the top of rack (ToR) switches in one rack. Other switches will be updated in their phases.
What is one benefit of this approach?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 16

Refer to the exhibit.


The exhibit shows how two NICs on a physical server connect to two HP 5820 switches. The server supports eight virtual machines (VMs) with VMware version 5.1. The VMware standard virtual switch is bound to NIC and NIC2. This switch implements source MAC load balancing for the NIC team.
What is the proper configuration for ports 1/0/1 and 2/0/1?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 17

Refer to the exhibit.


A network architect is proposing this solution to a customer. The customer network manager has a preference for Cisco VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVST+) because this protocol provides for fast convergence when a link fails and also provides per-VLAN load-sharing over links.
How would the network architect explain why the solution fits these requirements?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 18

A network architect is explaining the differences between deploying two switches in an HP Intelligent Resiliency Framework (IRF ) virtual switch and deploying two switches that implement standard Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). Which statement correctly describes an advantage o f IRF?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 19

Which data center characteristics should specifically make the architect consider switches that support Shortest Path Bridging  (SPB) or Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)?

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Free hp0-y50 Sample Question 20

A network architect is planning a complete access layer and core upgrade for customer's campus LAN. The campus has four large buildings, each requiring between 1000 and 3000 edge ports. Which factor will play a primary role in determining whether the network architect needs to plan a two-tier or three-tier to pology for the campus LAN?

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Free hp0-y50 Sample Question 21

Refer to the exhibit.


All connections between switches are 10 Gbps. Switch is an Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) group with two member. Switch2 is an IRF group with two members. Switch1 and Switch2 route all traffic.

A network architect is designing a solution for a finance company. One of the primary applications is a multicast application that delivers stock information to IP video screens across the site. The network architect is seeking a multicast solution that meets these needs:
.Simple configuration that the customer's IT staff can manage and troubleshoot
.No single point of failure for the multicast traffic
What is the best solution for this environment and these needs?

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Free HP0-Y50 Sample Question 22

The branch routers have E1 lines into the Frame Relay Service provider network. The exhibit shows just one branch, but the netw
ork actually has 30 branches.
The HP 6600 Series routers, which are the area border routers (ABRs), have E2 lines into the Frame Relay network.
The routers in the exhibit Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). The enable OSPF on network follows:
In area 2, OSPF is enabled on network
In area 0, OSPF is enabled on network
The customer requires resilience at the WAN core. Which design change best supports that requirement?

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