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Sample Questions

Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 1

Refer to the exhibit httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015101png A company has HP APs that are managed by the two Unified Wired-Wireless controllers. Wireless users use Wi-Fi Protected access  (WPA2) and authenticate with 802.1X to HP Access Manager (UAM). The SSID uses centralized forwarding. Users need to be able to roam seamlessly from are a 1 to area 2. Which step helps to meet these needs?  

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 2

An administrator sets up an OpenFlow instance on an HP Provision switch in passive mode.
What does this mean?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 3

Table of Acronyms httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015117png An HP Comware switch is configured with the MDC feature. It has three MDCs, which use the same CPU and are assigned these CPU weights:
. MDC 1 = 10
. MDC 2 = 4
. DC 3 = 2
. MDC 1 needs to use 25 percent of the CPU resources.
. MDC 2 needs to use 60 percent of the CPU resources.
. MDC 3 needs to use 60 percent of the CPU resources.
Approximately what percentage of the CPU does each MDC receive while at the current CPU request rates?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 4

A company is deploying an HP Unified Wired-Wireless controller solution with an HP BYOD solution. Guests will connect to an ope n Guest SSID and be redirected by their default gateway to a portal hosted by User Access Manager (UAM). The default gateway is a Comware routing device.
The administrator has set up portal authentication on the Comware device to implement the redirect. The administrator asks the  BYOD solution designer about the correct RADIUS and domain settings for portal authentication on the switch. What should the BYOD solution designer explain to t he administrator?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 5

Refer to the exhibit. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015118png An HP provision switch has OpenFlow table entries indicated in the exhibit
The switch should forward most traffic between and on port 1. However any IP traffic between server 1, at 005056-111111 and, and server 2, at 005056-222222 and 10.20.20, should be forwarded on port 2.
Which change to the rules let the switch behave as desired?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 6

Table of Acronyms
Exhibit 1
httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015111710png Exhibit 2 httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads2015111810png The switches shown in the exhibit are implementing SPBM. The administrator is now setting up interface ten1/0/1 to connect to a  new VMware host. What is the correct port type and VLAN assignment for the interface?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 7

Table of Acronyms httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151223png Refer to the exhibit httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151224png An administrator wants to connect four data centers using HP EVI. What is the correct setup for the EVI tunnel interfaces?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 8

Table of Acronyms httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151225png Refer to the exhibit. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151226png The switch shown in the exhibit should from a TRILL region. For Switch 1 interface ten1/0/22, what is a valid port link-type an d TRILL port type?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 9

Table of Acronyms httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151227png Refer to the exhibit. httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads20151228png An administrator is planning an MPLS and VPLS Martini to connect customer sites 1, 2, and 3.
How many pseudo must the administrator define?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 10

An administrator plans to deploy a wireless network, which might need to support a mix of 802.11g and 802.11n clients in the 2. 4 GHz frequency. The administrator wants to prioritize transmissions for 802.11 n clients. Which 2.4 GHz radio setting helps to prevent slow clients  from taking more than their share of transmission time?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 11

Refer to the exhibit.


The switches shown in the exhibit use the HP VAN SDN Controller as the OpenFlow controller. They connect to the controller on t heir out-of-band management (OOBM) ports, but these connections are not shown in the exhibit. The switches also run spanning tree protocol. An SDN applicat ion installed on the HP VAN SDN Controller is programmed to discover live ports, find redundant paths, and create loopfree paths for traffic infrastructure  shown in the exhibit. However the application is not able to complete these functions because the switches are reporting some ports as blocked.
What should the administrator do to let the application create the loopfree paths?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 12

A large shopping center has an HP BYOD solution with these requirements:
. User Access Manager (UAM) should provide the portal in which guests register their own accounts.
. Guests should only have to register and log in once. After that, the guest device automatically logs in by MAC address.
. Each shop has its own SSID
The administrator wants UAM to display a custom portal page to users based on the SSID to which they connect. What is the proper way to configure this solution?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 13

What is one benefit of the HP patent for Adaptive Multicast channel width and Guard Interval 802.11n?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 14

Refer to the exhibit.


A company has an HP VAN SDN Controller that controls HP Provision switches. An SDN developer creates an application that needs  to make many immediate decisions for handling traffic. The application is programmed to create rules such as those shown in the exhibit
Which change could improve performance by letting the hardware handle the flows?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 15

Refer to the exhibit.


The HP Comware switch places VLAN 2, which is associated with 10 1.2.0/24, in OpenFlow instance 1. The switch supports IP routi ng and is configure with the default gateway IP address in VLAN 2. An SDN application has created the flow entry shown in the exhibit to route traffic from to The exhibit does not show the output interface for the flow. Which output interface supports the needs of this scenario?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 16

What correctly describes the role of OpenFlow in an SDN solution?

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Free HP0-Y51 Sample Question 17

An SDN application needs to create reactive flow table entries in response to specific packets. The flow_mod APIs will create the actual entries, but application must be configured with another API as part of this function.
What is that API?

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