ICBB Six Sigma

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Sample Questions

Free ICBB Sample Question 1

A ___________ is used primarily to track the stability of the average value of a metric of interest.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 2

For her injection molding project a Belt needed to track the percentage of defectives of a particular sample set so she used a ___________ to display the data?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 3

Which of these graphs demonstrates conditions which would be sufficient to enable OCAP for the process?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 4

Control Charts were developed by Dr. Shewhart to track data over time. To detect Special Cause variation the Control Charts use which of these?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 5

Common and ______________ Cause Variation are the focus of Statistical Process Control.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 6

Special Cause Variation falls into which two categories?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 7

Range Charts are the technique used to determine if Special Causes are occurring within the subgroups of the ______________.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 8

If the production is for higher volume and monitoring and the Mean and variability is to be monitored for four machines producing product and the characteristic to be monitored is Variable Data, which SPC Chart is best to be selected?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 9

When a Belt Poka-Yoke's a defect out of the process entirely then she should track the activity with a robust SPC system on the characteristic of interest in the defect as an early warning system.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 10

Following the completion of a LSS project the Belt not only creates a Control Plan he also develops a _____________ so those involved in the process know what to do when the critical metrics move out of spec.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 11

The Control Limits width varies if the sample size varies for which type of chart?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 12

Which of these elements are not included in Implementation plans?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 13

Upon completion and validation of an improvement to a process a Belt and the Project Team create a Control Plan that contains which of these?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 14

What conclusion is most correct about the Experimental Design shown here with the response in the far right column?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 15

Which statement(s) are correct about the Factorial Plot shown here? (Note: There are 3 correct answers).


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Free ICBB Sample Question 16

How many experimental runs exist in a Full Factorial and fully randomized design for 4 factors with 2 replicates for the Corner Points and no Center Points? The factors in the experiment are only at 2- levels.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 17

If an experiment has 5 factors and no replicates for a 2-level Experimental Design with 16 experimental runs which statement is incorrect?

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Free ICBB Sample Question 18

Which statement(s) are correct about the Pareto Chart shown here for the DOE analysis? (Note: There are 2 correct answers).


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Free ICBB Sample Question 19

Fractional Factorial, ____________and Response Surface Method are types of planned experiments.

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Free ICBB Sample Question 20

Relative to a Design of Experiments the term ________________ refers to variables being a linear combination of each other.

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Free icbb Sample Question 21

Which statement(s) are incorrect about Fractional Factorial Designs?

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