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Sample Questions

Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 1

Given the following state table:

Which of the following represents an INVALID transition (N)?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 2

In which activity of the Fundamental Test Process is the test environment set up?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 3

Given the following decision table:

Which of the following test cases and expected results is VALID?


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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 4

Which of the following are characteristic of test management tools?
a) They support traceability of tests to source documents.
b) They provide an interface to test execution tools.
c) They help to enforce coding standards.
d) They manipulate databases and files to set up test data.

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 5

Which one of the following is a characteristic of good testing in any lifecycle model?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 6

Given the following flow chart diagram:

What is the minimum number of test cases required for 100% statement coverage and 100% decision coverage, respectively?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 7

Which of the following are structure-based techniques?
a) Decision table testing
b) Boundary value analysis
c) Multiple condition coverage
d) Use case testing
e) Decision testing

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 8

The digital ainbow Thermometer uses 7 colours to show the ambient temperature. Each colour spans a range of just 5, with an operating minimum and maximum of minus 5 and 30. Which of the following values is minimum and maximum of minus 5? and 30?. Which of the following values is LEAST likely to have been identified when applying the boundary value test design technique?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 9

A system specification states that a particular field should accept alphabetical characters in either upper or lower case. Which of the following test cases is from an INVALID equivalence partition?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 10

Which of the following is an example of a product risk?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 11

A system under development contains complex calculations and decision logic, and it is assessed as high risk because of the relative inexperience of the development team in the application domain. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate choice of test design technique for component testing?

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Free ISEB-SWT2 Sample Question 12

Which of the following statements are true in relation to component testing?
a) Stubs may be used.
b)May cover resource behaviour (e.g. memory leaks).
c) Tests the interactions between software components.
d) Defects are typically fixed without formally managing these defects.

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