NS0-506 Network Appliance

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Sample Questions

Free NS0-506 Sample Question 1

On a FAS8040, which port is used for FCoE connections?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 2

Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the diagram shown in the exhibit, what will happen if PDU-B fails?ns0-560


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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 3

Hosts and switches are connected to a FAS8040. Multiple FC-enabled SVMs have been created, and LUNs have been mapped to multiple hosts. During failover testing, one of the hosts lost connectivity to its LUNs.
What needs to be examined?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 4

Click the Exhibit button.
Based on the exhibit, you are configuring a 4-node cluster with an iSCSI LIF ob each node. You connect using the first LIF from a Windows Server 2012 host.
How would you add the other three LIFs?


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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 5

You have a 4-node FAS8040 cluster licensed for FCP and iSCSI. Each node has both FC and iSCSI LIFs. One of your Windows 2012 Servers has a single 8Gb FC port and a single 10 Gb Ethernet port with switched connectivity to the FC and Ethernet ports on the cluster. You need to use both ports on the host for multipath access to a LUN on the NetApp cluster.
What will accomplish this task?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 6

A customer has a clustered Data ONTAP solution and needs to connect several Windows 2012 servers using iSCSI for LUN access.
Before the LUN can be seen, what must be configured on the host?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 7

You have executed the following FC configuration workflow:
1. Verify IMT supported configuration.
2. Install VSC for VMware vSphere on a Windows Server.
3. Add the storage cluster to VSC and set recommended values.
4. Update host HBA firmware and BIOS.
5. Provision the LUN.
6. Manually create an igroup and add the host WWPNs into it.
7. Map the LUN to the igroup.
8. Create datastore and its containing LUNS and volumes.
In step 8, you are not able to see the LUNs you provisioned on your storage controller. When you run igroup show you see the ESX host’s initiators; however, they are listed “not logged in”
What is the problem?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 8

Click the Exhibit button.
You have a 2-node data ONTAP 8.3 cluster.
Based on the exhibit, which change must be made to make svm1 conform to iSCSI best practices?
cl01::> net int show –vserver
svm1 –data –protocol iscsi
Logical Status Network
Current Current Is
Vserver Interface Admin/Oper
Address/Mask Node Port Home
------------------ -----
-------- ------- ----
up/up cl01-01
a0a 434 true
cl01::>iscsi show –vserver
Vserver: svm1
Target Name: iqn.1992 –
08.com.netapp: sn.ca5eaa069c211
Target Alias: svm1
Administrative Status: up

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 9

Which three environmental or physical requirements need to be met when designing a SAN solution? (Choose three.)

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 10

You have a large, heterogeneous SAN environment. You are asked to gather information for all hosts, HBAs, switches, and storage. You are also told that you must collect this information over network protocols without agents.
Which two NetApp tools allow you to perform this task? (Choose two.)

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 11

Which information-gathering command should you use to gather logs for troubleshooting switch information for your Brocade switches?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 12

You are asked to migrate a SAN LIF to a node that was recently added to your cluster. The following CLI command was provided to you to complete the migration:
network interface modify –vserver svm1 –lif lif1 –home –node cl01-04 –homeport 6a
Which step is missing?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 13

You are verifying multipathing from the host to the storage controller.
Which three components should you verify? (Choose three.)

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 14

Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, which entry is appropriate to add to a zone on the FC switch?


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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 15

Click the Exhibit button.
cl01::>igroup show –vserver
VserverIgroup Protocol OS
Type Initiators
--------- ------------- ------
-- --------- -----------------
svm1 esx_cluster mixed vmware
A customer is provisioning storage for two ESXi hosts using FCoE with CNA adapters. The customer mapped the LUN to the igroup shown in the exhibit. After scanning for new devices, the LUN is only seen by one of the ESXi hosts.
What caused the problem?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 16

An administrator wants to provide isolation among physical devices connected to the same FCP fabric. Which Cisco switch feature accomplishes this task?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 17

You are creating a logical diagram for an FCP SAN solution.
You need to show connectivity between which three sets of components? (Choose three.)

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 18

When designing a new SAN solution, which three components should be verified with the IMT? (Choose three.)

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 19

Which two port personality combinations are valid for the onboard UTA2 ports on a FAS8040 controller?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 20

Click the Exhibit button.
An administrator is attempting to map an iSCSI LUN to a Windows 2012 host, but the windows host fails to discover the iSCSI targets.
Referring to the exhibit, what is the connectivity problem?


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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 21

Click the Exhibit button.
cl01::>ucadmin show
Current Current Pending
Pending Admin
Node Adapter Mode Type Mode
------------- ------- -------
--------- -------- --------- -
cl01-01 0c fc target --
cl01-01 0d fc target --
cl01-01 3a cna target --
cl01-01 3b cna target --
cl01-01 4a cna target --
cl01-01 4b cna target --
cl02-01 0c fc target --
cl02-01 0d fc target --
cl01-02 3a cna target --
cl01-02 3b cna target --
cl01-02 4a cna target --
cl01-02 4b cna target --
12 entries were displayed.
Referring to the exhibit, which cables are valid for connecting port 0d on node cl01-02 when the switch is 10 meters away?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 21

Which setting in View Composer can be used to reduce the storage footprint of a pool of virtual desktops?

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Free NS0-506 Sample Question 22

A company has a 4-node Data ONTAP cluster called cl01. The administrator attempts to create a volume on svm1 and can only select aggregates that are owned by node cl01-01 or cl01-02.
What is causing the problem?

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Free ns0-506 Sample Question 23

You created a 5 TB VMware volume “vol_esx_nfs1” in “svm1” for an NFS datastore. The storage
efficiency savings of the vmdks are one over 50%, but the application team wants to minimize the possibility of an out-of-space condition. You enable autogrow, autoshrink, and snapshot
autodelete with the following commands:
volume modify –vserver vm1 –volume vol_esx_nfs1 –space-mgt-try-first volume_grow snapshotautodelete modify –vserver vm1 –volume vol_esx_nfs1 -enabled true –delete-order oldest_first –target-free-space 10% -trigger volume volautosize –vserver vm1 –volume vol_esx_nfs1 –mode grow_shrink –maximum-size 10 TB – minimum-size 5 TB –grow-threshold-percent 80 -shrink-threshold-percent 60
What will these commands do?

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