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Sample Questions

Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 1

Which types of content can a system architect find on the clipboard? (Choose Two)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 2

Select the statement that best describe a worklist for a specific operator. (Choose Two)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 3

IN the application, the email consumption leads to case creation & then the fetching prices from price catalogue, application connects to external system (wording can be different)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 4

The primary function of an Application rule is to _________________. (Choose One)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 5

An application contains a page property named Address. On this page is a single-value text property named City. City is defined in

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 6

Where Is an Edit Validate rule referenced?

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 7

Which RuleSet versions are accessible to an end user for the RuleSet MyCo if MyCo:07-27 is included in the runtime RuleSet list? (Choose One)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 8

What is the effect of setting a rule availability to "Withdrawn"? (Choose Two)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 9

What is the best pratice for requesting data from an external database?

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 10

What can be user as a source for a repeating layout? (Choose Two)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 11

Which statement is true about work item instances? (Choose One)

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 12

To create a report that displays all open cases (.pyStatusWork) and who they are assigned to (.pxAssignedOperatorID), which of these two properties would you need to optimize?

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 13

What’s is the recommended practice to copy properties values from a case to one of its subcases

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Free pegacsa71v1 Sample Question 14

Given the following data model, the Address property should be defined as:

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Free PEGACSA71V1 Sample Question 15

Review the following diagram: work object of the class MyCo-PL-Work-PolicyAdmin-Work-Quote is being instantiated. A rule named SampleRule exists at @baseclass, Work-Cover-, MyCo-, and MyCo-FW-PolicyAdmin-Work-Quote. At runtime, which version of SampleRule will be located and executed during Rule Resolution? (Choose One)

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