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Sample Questions

Pegasystem PEGACS72v1 Exam Question 1

A new hire process includes a Screen Job Applicant assignment. The recruiter who has been assigned the task should complete it within 24 hours. If the assignment is notcompleted in 24 hours, the system automatically sends an email notification to the hiring manager.How would you configure the process to ensure that the director receives the email after
the goal is passed?

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Pegasystem PEGACSA72v1 Exam Question 2

In an airline reservation application, users enter departure and return dates and submit for flight search. This is implemented as a flow action. You need to ensure that the return date is later than the departure date. You also need to copy the dates to a search parameter page that is used for flight search. Select the two rule types that the flow action references to satisfy these requirements. (Choose two)

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