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Sample Questions

Free PW0-250 Sample Question 1

After surveying for the ideal mounting locations for APs, you have been asked to compromise RF
propagation optimization due to aesthetic concerns raised by your customer. In the end, you’ve
decided to mount the APs in the ideal locations and paint the APs so they go unnoticed in the environment.

What is a valid recommendation or cons ideration when painting APs? (Choose 2)

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 2

When deploying long-distance 802.11 bridge links (10 miles / 16  km), what parameter may be  critical for improving data flow by reduc ing retries caused by the long distances?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 3

One of your customers plans on providing wi reless cov erage to a warehouse  facility. After  performing an initial walkthrough, you  collect the following information:
-  The central part of the war ehouse is between 400 and 600 feet  (122 to 183 meters) from the  warehouse switches mounted on the walls.
- The warehouse map was provided by the customer and is displayed in the exhibit.
-  The warehouse storage is composed of metallic racks with varying inventory levels and  contents, from electronics and plastic toys to food pallets and juice bottles.
-  Workers need basic data coverage fr om their working location, an d are not highly mobile. They  usually work from one single aisle, and  their laptop is on a cart with wheels.

What would be your recommendation to provide co verage to the central area (indicated by a blue  circle) of the warehouse?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 4

Which definition correctly describes the “local  MAC” variation of the centralized WLAN  architecture?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 5

When a WLAN controller transmits an Ethernet  frame that has an IEEE  802.11 frame as its  payload to a lightweight AP, what  type of QoS marks can be applied  to the Ethernet frame and/or  its payload? (Choose 3)

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 6

In a centralized WLAN architecture, what  new problem may arise when you change the data  forwarding model from centraliz ed to distributed? (Choose 2)

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 7

Your customer location is equipped with DAS, originally deployed  to relay a GSM signal indoors  and provide 802.11 data coverage to st atic stations. What type of  wireless application would be  least likely to be supported by this RF distribution model?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 8

In a manufacturing facility with highly reflective  materials, you are planning an upgrade to your  existing 802.11b solution. You ha ve chosen a dual-band 802.11n infr astructure product for this  purpose. Your client  applications include:
Handheld scanners — for inventory management
Toughbooks (laptops) — mounted on forklifts for inventory and workflow management
VoWiFi phones — used by select employees throughout the facility
You are evaluating all of the  802.11n enhancements and determining  which features to enable for  your environment and applications.
In this scenario, what 802.11n enhancements shoul d NOT be enabled on the 2.4 GHz radio of the  new APs? (Choose 2)

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 9

According to WLAN security desi gn best practices, what is true of  the EAP properties shown in the  exhibit?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 10

Given: Use Exhibit 1, 2, and 3 to answer the question.

The azimuth and elevation charts for whic h type of antenna are shown in Exhibit 1?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 11

Multicast video applications typically require spec ial treatment on the Wi-Fi network due to the  nature of multicast traffic. Many  vendors implement proprietary mult icast-to-unicast conversion for  this reason.
Which of the following is NOT a valid reason for special unicast conversion of downlink multicast  traffic?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 12

Given: Assume that music on hold  (MOH) features are unicast only.
What VoWiFi implementations require mult icast packet delivery support by the WLAN  infrastructure?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 13

As you plan a WLAN upgrade, you have assessed the network requirements and data signatures  of your applications. One of  the popular applications used on  your network requires high  bandwidth and low to medium Wi-Fi loss, but  can tolerate moderate latency and jitter.
What application matches this description?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 14

Given: The 802.11n APs you have selected for y our public access deployment support many of  the PHY and MAC enhancements offe red by the 802.11n standard. T he AP is single-band (2.4 GHz) and only allows 20 MHz channels. The WLAN  radio in the AP is  a 3x3 802.11n chip that  supports two spatial streams.
What is the maximum MCS rate that could be supported by this AP?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 15

As an implementation engineer, you have just received initial design specs from a network designer for your dual-band 802.11n deployment. The network design documents prescribe the following data rate configuration for the 2.4 GHz radio:
Basic Rates — 5.5, 6, 11, 12 Mbps Supported Rates —9, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 54 Mbps as well as MCS 0-15 What will result from this design strategy?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 16

Given:As the wireless network administrator for XYZ Company, you are planning to upgrade your aging wireless network infrastructure, as well as some clients, to support 802.11n. In your research,  you have discovered that your new wireless client devices and infrastructure are  802.11n, WMM, and WMM-PS certified by the Wi-Fi Allia nce. Some of your existing client devices  are 802.11a/b/g devices t hat do not support WMM.
Given this information, what scenario is possi ble when your company's employees begin using  both types of client devices on the new WLAN?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 17

To achieve a 450 Mbps MCS, what 802.11n features (from the numbered list below) are required?
1. Frame aggregation
2. Short GI
3. 40 MHz channels
4. 2 spatial streams
5. 3 spatial streams
6. Transmit beamforming (TxBF)

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 18

You are tasked with designing the WLAN to  accommodate certain high  density areas on your  university campus where users are highly transi ent (frequently come and  go). With a limited DHCP  pool size (subnet mask = for this WL AN subnet, you want to ensure that your  DHCP addresses are used efficiently and are not ex hausted, which would prevent new client  associations. The DHCP server is a Windows Server 2008 machine. Your design task is to  determine the best configuration to allow as many  users as possible while avoiding WLAN service  interruptions and also to use the availabl e addresses as efficiently as possible.
What setting would be most effective at achieving this design task?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 19

What is the DSCP Per Hop Behavior equivalent cl assification of the 802.11e  AC_VO priority level?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 20

You are working on a VoWLAN design with your customer’s wired networking team. How many distinct priority levels do you expect for the voice applications?

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Free pw0-250 Sample Question 21

Given:  Use the exhibit as a reference. ABC Company has a WLAN controller with 10 controller-
based APs; the Voice SSID is configured for centralized data forwarding. Each AP is connected to an access port on a layer-2 Ethernet switch. Each layer-2 switch is uplinked to a single layer-3 core Ethernet switch. The WLAN controller is connected directly to the layer-3 core Ethernet switch. Layer-3 tunnels are created between all controller-based APs and the WLAN controller. A voice server is connected to the layer-3 Ethernet switch.

When a voice-enabled QoS STA sends an IP data packet to a voice server in this scenario, the
DSCP value carried in the STA's IP data packet gets mapped to what and by which device?

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Free PW0-250 Sample Question 22

Given: For this fill-in the blank question, each answer option contains an answer for the first and second blanks, separated by a dash “—”. Choose the answer option that correctly fills in both blanks in the following sentence. A WLAN may use 802.11 admission control to, and admission control requirements are configured separately for each.

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