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Sample Questions

Free SSCP Sample Question 1

DES - Data Encryption standard has a 128 bit key a nd is very difficult to break.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 2

What is the main difference between computer abuse a nd  computer crime?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 3

A standardized list of the most common security weakne sses and exploits is the _________.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 4

A salami attack refers to what type of activity?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 5

Multi-partite viruses perform which functions?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 6

What security principle is based on the division of j ob responsibilities - designed to prevent  fraud?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 7

._________ is the authoritative entity which lists port assignme nts

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Free SSCP Sample Question 8

Cable modems are less secure than DSL connections becau se cable modems are shared  with other subscribers?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 9

. ___________ is a file system that was poorly designed and has nu merous security flaws.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 10

Trend Analysis involves analyzing historical__________file s in order to look for patterns  of abuse or misuse.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 11

HTTP, FTP, SMTP reside at which layer of the OSI m odel?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 12

Layer 4 in the DoD model overlaps with which laye r(s) of the OSI model?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 13

A Security Reference Monitor relates to which DoD security standard?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 14

The ability to identify and audit a user and his  / her actions is known as_______.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 15

There are 5 classes of IP addresses available, but  only 3 classes are in common use today,  identify the three: (Choose three)

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Free SSCP Sample Question 16

The ultimate goal of a computer forensics specialist is  to______________.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 17

One method that can reduce exposure to malicious code is to run  applications as generic accounts with little or no privileges.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 18

._______________is a major component of an overall risk management program.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 19

An attempt to break an encryption algorithm is called_________.

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Free SSCP Sample Question 20

The act of intercepting the first message in a publi c key exchange and substituting a bogus key  for the original key is an example of which style of at tack?

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Free SSCP Sample Question 21

If Big Texastelephone company suddenly started billing you for caller ID and call  forwarding without your permission, this practice is referred to as__________ .

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Free sscp Sample Question 22

When an employee leaves the company, their networ
k access account should be --------- ?

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Free SCCP Sample Question 23

Passwords should be changed every days at a minimum. 90 days is the recommended minimum, but some resources will tell you that 30-60 days is ideal. Answer: 90 24.IKE - Internet Key Exchange is often used in conjunction with what security standard?

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