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Sample Questions

Free VCAN610 Sample Question 1

If unicast mode is configured for the overlay transport in an NSX deployment, which two statements correctly define the network support that is required? (Choose two.)

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 2

-- Exhibit –

-- Exhibit --
Your data center clusters are configured as shown in the exhibit:
Core0 uses Virtual SAN and hosts virtual machines running the following components:
 . vCenter Server
 . Single Sign-On Server
 . Update Manager
 . SQL Server database
Core1, Core2, and Core3 use a single Fibre Channel attached storage array.  Core1 hosts over 500 virtual machines.  Core2 hosts over 400 virtual machines.  Core3 hosts 100 virtual machines.
Following VMware's best practices, NSX Controller components should be deployed to which location(s)?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 3

A vSphere administrator added a new interface to a Distributed Router with a subnet of and wants to make this subnet reachable to the rest of the network. How can the vSphere administrator achieve this?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 4

A vSphere administrator wants to setup an NSX Edge Service Gateway to provide traveling employees secure access to company servers located in specific network segments within the corporate Data Center. The remote access solution must provide a method to authenticate the users.
Which two methods can be used with the NSX Edge Service Gateway? (Choose two.)

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 5

An administrator configures the IPSec VPN service on an NSX Edge instance, but the negotiation fails. Examining the log file, the administrator notices the following message:
Which misconfiguration caused the error?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 6

Which two options are valid distribution methods used by the NSX Edge Load Balancer? (Choose two.)

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 7

You have a vSphere deployment consisting of ESXi 5.1 hosts and a vCenter Server 5.5. You are deploying NSX and begin by creating a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) on the vCenter Server using default settings. What is the next step in preparing the deployment for NSX?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 8

What is determined when an NSX Administrator creates a Segment ID Pool?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 9

An organization has a vSphere environment configured with two adapters on each ESXi host. The physical network is configured to use Etherchannel.
Based on the available options, what is the best option for load balancing traffic on the ESXi hosts?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 10

A vSphere cluster consists of three ESXi 5.5 hosts. Each host has five powered-on virtual machines. Which option will successfully configure the hosts to use a newly-created vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) with a single port group?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 11

A company wants to deploy VMware NSX for vSphere and ensure the least amount of bandwidth consumption in the underlying physical architecture. Which replication mode should the logical switches be deployed with?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 12

A user needs to be given the ability to make configuration changes on a specific NSX Edge device. What role and scope could be used to meet this requirement?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 13

Which statement best describes firewall packet processing in an NSX environment?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 14

Which two are valid statements regarding third-party services and NSX? (Choose two.)

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 15

What is the frequency of the heartbeat between the active and standby NSX Edge instances when configured for HA?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 16

-- Exhibit –

An administrator attempts to create an NSX configuration backup and receives an error. The current backup configuration displays the following information:
What task does the administrator need to complete to perform a successful backup?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 17

An administrator has recently deployed NSX, but is still using a pair of physical network security devices. The administrator wants to use the physical security devices to filter virtual machine traffic hosted in the overlay network.
Which NSX component will provide the connectivity between the overlay and the physical network?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 18

Which statement is correct when upgrading vShield Data Security to NSX Data Security?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 19

Which two are pieces of information required to perform an NSX backup? (Choose two.)

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 20

What is the function of NSX Data Security?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 21

-- Exhibit –

An administrator has configured an NSX network as shown:
Both VM-A and VM-B use the same Distributed Router for their default gateway.
If VM-A sends a packet to VM-B,what happens to the packet before it reaches VM-B?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 22

Which feature is not supported by the vSphere 5.5 Distributed Switch?

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Free vcan610 Sample Question 23

Where does the Distributed Logical Firewall enforce firewall rules?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 24

How many Virtual IPs does the NSX Edge Load Balancer support?

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Free VCAN610 Sample Question 25

Which VMware NSX for vSphere component can be created on-demand using vCloud
Automation Center?

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