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Sample Questions

Free VCP550 Sample Question 1

An administrator is attempting to use Update Manager to patch a cluster of ESXi 5.x hosts. The administrator needs to stage the patches for a scheduled update after hours. When verifying the hosts after the scheduled upgrade, the administrator determines that one of the hosts was not remediated and patches are not staged. The host is using PXE as its boot method. What condition would cause this behavior?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 2

Which Web service is installed during the vCenter Server installation?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 3

Which VLAN configuration requires switch connectivity defined as an access port?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 4

An administrator is using vSphere Replication to replicate a number of virtual machines to a recovery site. The administrator plans on enabling Storage DRS on the production site, which is running vSphere 5.5. What changes must be made in order to support this configuration?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 5

While testing a Fault Tolerance setup on a virtual machine, a system administrator notices that the DRS automation level of the virtual machine has been automatically set to Disabled. The administrator needs to enable DRS to migrate the Fault Tolerance virtual machine to balance the cluster's CPU and memory loads. What should the administrator do?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 6

A customer needs to size a single backup appliance for backing up 3TB of data. There is no requirement for guest level backups of SQL and Exchange. What is the minimum VMware Data Protection solution and sizing that would fulfill the stated requirements?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 7

An administrator notices that a virtual machine fails to start when right-clicking on the VM in the inventory and clicking Power -> Power On. Which log file should the administrator check first to determine why the virtual machine will not start?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 8

A vSphere administrator finds a HA/DRS cluster status has turned RED indicating a degraded state. What is the likely reason for the indication?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 9

An organization has a HA/DRS cluster containing a mixture of ESXi 4.1 and 5.5 hosts in the cluster. An ESXi 5.5 host has failed and HA attempted but failed to restart the virtual machines on another host. HA admission control is disabled. What condition could result in this behavior?

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Free VCP550 Sample Question 10

A vSphere administrator needs to upgrade a single extent VMFS3 datastore to VMFS5 and expand it to 4TB in size. The storage administrator has already expanded the underlying LUN to 4TB. Which steps should the vSphere administrator take?

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