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Sample Questions

Free VCP550D Sample Question 1

An administrator notices that when a virtual machine is placed into a resource pool, a  warning indicates that the virtual machine will receive a very large percentage of the total  shares for memory. Which action can be taken to resolve this problem?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 2

An administrator is configuring a stretched HA configuration and has HA errors on all of the  hosts at the remote site. What can be done to ensure virtual machines at one site can be restarted at the remote site?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 3

What are two requirements for a fully functional vSphere HA cluster? (Choose two.)

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 4

Which minor badge items make up the Efficiency badge score for an ESXi host in vCenter  Operations Manager?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 5

Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining, and Stress are minor badges of which major badge  in vCenter Operations Manager?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 6

-- Exhibit -- httpswwwdumps4downloadusonline-quizwp-contentuploads201510219png -- Exhibit --
The vCenter Operations Manager dashboard is showing Health issues associated with the  selected virtual machine. There have been no availability or configuration issues with the  virtual machine, and the workload badge is still green:
How should an administrator resolve this issue?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 7

Which default alarm definition will send a notification trap if the redundant storage path is lost?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 8

A vSphere administrator needs to configure the environment to send a notification to a  monitored email address every time a vSphere alarm is triggered.
Which procedure should the administrator use to accomplish the task?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 9

The vSphere administrator needs to check the system health of an ESXi 5.x host using the  vSphere Web Client. Which option in the Monitor tab should the administrator use for the  selected host?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 10

A VMware administrator determines that the active memory on an ESXi 5.x host is 20%  and the consumed memory is 90%.
How much host memory is available to virtual machines?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 11

An administrator needs to deploy several virtual machines. Storage contention between the virtual machines should be managed by the VMkernel. Some of the virtual machines will use MSCS and should be highly available across the ESXi 5.5 hosts.
Which two storage options meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 12

Which two precautions should a vSphere administrator take before increasing the size of a VMFS datastore? (Choose two.)

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 13

-- Exhibit --

What action should the vSphere administrator take to allow for a new vApp to be created in the cluster?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 14

-- Exhibit --

A vSphere administrator receives a report of an issue with a vApp. After connecting to the environment with the vSphere Client, the administrator does not see the vApp, but instead sees the inventory shown in the exhibit.
What explains this behavior?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 15

A system administrator is unable to clone a windows 2008 server while connected directly to an ESXi host through vSphere Client.
Which two methods can be used to complete the task? (Choose two.)

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 16

An administrator needs to create and provision new virtual machines from a master image that can not be edited or powered on.
Which type of resource is most appropriate for the administrator to perform the task?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 17

A vSphere administrator is unable to vMotion a virtual machine between two hosts. An error message indicates that the USB device is not accessible on the target host. What is causing this issue?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 18

A vSphere administrator needs to configure a virtual machine to meet a guaranteed CPU performance profile. Which configuration setting could the administrator choose?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 19

An organization's datastores are configured in a fully automated Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) cluster. The vSphere administrator determines that virtual machines are being migrated between datastores even though the datastores look evenly balanced. On further investigation, the administrator determines that the datastore's utilization percentages differ by 2%.
Which Storage DRS setting should the administrator change to prevent the virtual machines from migrating prematurely?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 20

A vSphere administrator enables Fault Tolerance on a powered off virtual machine that has the following
 . The virtual machine's single thin provisioned virtual disk is sized at 100GB.
 . The datastore that houses the virtual machine has 120GB of free space.
After Fault Tolerance has been configured, another administrator attempts to use Enhanced vMotion to
move a 30GB virtual machine file into the same datastore and receives an error.
What condition could cause this behavior?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 21

While testing a Fault Tolerance setup on a virtual machine, a system administrator notices that the DRS
automation level of the virtual machine has been automatically set to Disabled. The administrator needs to enable DRS to migrate the Fault Tolerance virtual machine to balance the cluster's CPU and memory
What should the administrator do?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 22

-- Exhibit --

A vSphere administrator has misconfigured vMotion in such a way that vMotion migrations are failing.
Based on the information shown, what is the cause of the problem?

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Free vcp550d Sample Question 23

A system administrator detects that a VDP Appliance that has been operational for 6 months has become inconsistent or unstable.
Which action should the administrator take to recover the VDP appliance and what will be the impact on the vSphere environment?

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 24

Which two features are different between VDP and VDPA? (Choose two).

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Free VCP550D Sample Question 25

An administrator must determine which Update Manager procedures can be performed using the vSphere Web Client, and which must be completed using the Windows vSphere client. Which two tasks require the use of the Windows vSphere client? (Choose two.)

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