VCPC610 VMware

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Sample Questions

Free VCPC610 Sample Question 1

To comply with security requirements, an administrator with a vCenter Server Appliance needs to force logoff of the vSphere web client after 10 minutes of inactivity.
What should the administrator do to meet the requirement?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 2

An administrator needs to create a two-node virtual machine cluster in a vSphere environment that uses a Fibre Channel SAN. The clustering software does not have a SCSI target or a SCSI command pass- through requirement.
Which VMware storage type should the administrator use?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 3

During the installation of ESXi 5.5, the following error message is reported:
Hardware Virtualization is NOT a feature of the CPU, or is NOT enabled in the BIOS. Which condition would generate this message?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 4

During a physical network reconfiguration, an ESXi host briefly lost connection to the management network. High Availability (HA) began powering off the virtual machines residing on the affected host to be restarted on an unaffected host in the cluster.
Which setting should the administrator configure to prevent this type of HA failover during planned maintenance?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 5

An administrator has configured multi-pathing using an FC array in an active-active configuration.
What is the expected behavior of the host when a failed preferred path becomes available using the Fixed path selection policy for this array type?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 6

As part of a multisite Single Sign-On (SSO) deployment, what two steps are required to ensure that a change to one Single Sign-On instance is propagated to the other instances? (Choose two.)

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 7

An administrator is upgrading a vSphere Distributed Switch. The existing switch is version 5.0 and the administrator wants to upgrade to the latest version possible. The environment contains several ESXi 5.1 hosts.
Which two options are available to ensure that the upgraded switch will be compatible with these hosts? (Choose two.)

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 8

An administrator needs to prevent two virtual machines from running on the same host at any time.
Which DRS rule should the administrator apply?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 9

A virtual machine is receiving a large number of network packets, which is affecting the performance of other virtual machines connected to the same virtual network.
What should the vSphere administrator do to resolve the issue?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 10

Refer to the exhibit.

The WinXP virtual machine user reports intermittent connectivity to the corporate network. The exhibit shows the current configuration
The configuration is as follows:
 - This virtual machine runs in a DRS/HA cluster of two hosts.
 - The VCP_DCV_Example vSphere Distributed Switch was recently created.
 - The WinXP virtual machine was recently migrated from another vSphere Distributed Switch.
 - The WinXP virtual machine was able to connect prior to migration to this switch.
 - No changes to the VCP_DCV_Example switch have been made since creation.
Which step should the administrator take to resolve the WinXP virtual machine's intermittent connectivity to the corporate network?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 11

An administrator is considering using NPIV to assign WWNs to virtual machines. Virtual machine portability is a major concern.
Why would NPIV be inappropriate for this deployment?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 12

Which condition would prevent an administrator from unmounting a VMFS datastore?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 13

Refer to the exhibit

The vSphere administrator attempts to connect to an ESXi host via an SSH client and receives the following security alert:

The vSphere administrator needs to determine whether the RSA key fingerprint shown in the security alert is the fingerprint of the intended ESXi host.
Which tool should the vSphere administrator use?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 14

A vSphere administrator needs to increase the capacity of an existing Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) datastore cluster. The storage administrator has provisioned two new NFS datastores to be added to the cluster.
The vSphere administrator receives an error message, preventing the administrator from adding the newly provisioned datastores to the cluster.
What is the likely reason that the action failed?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 15

A vSphere administrator creates a new vSphere Distributed Switch. The administrator receives notice from the service desk that a cluster of vSphere hosts has disconnected from vCenter Server. This disconnect occurred immediately after the new switch was created. This vSphere Distributed Switch is the only distributed switch managed by vCenter Server. The virtual machines are still functional and the applications are still accessible by end users.
On the ESXi hosts, which step must the vSphere administrator take to allow vCenter Server to reconnect?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 16

mmediately after installing an ESXi host, an administrator needs to examine the following log files:
Which two techniques could an administrator use to examine these files? (Choose two.)

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 17

An administrator determines that when a host residing in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails, the virtual machines fail to restart on a remaining host, or will only restart after a long delay.
Which two conditions would account for this behavior? (Choose two.)

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 18

An administrator needs to deploy several virtual machines. Storage contention between the virtual machines should be managed by the VMkernel. Some of the virtual machines will use MSCS and should be highly available across the ESXi 5.5 hosts.
Which two storage options meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 19

An administrator is installing ESXi 5.x to a local SAS drive. The installation stops on a purple screen and shows the error:
The system has found a problem on your machine and cannot continue. Could not populate the filesystem: Admission check failed
Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 20

A vSphere administrator notices that hosts are not powering off when the total cluster load is low on a
cluster configured with Dynamic Power Management.
What condition could cause this behavior?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 21

A storage engineer determines there are problems with the iSCSI network. A vSphere administrator needs to gather performance metrics from a specific ESXi 5.x host to determine if the issue is causing high storage latency on the ESXi host.
Which tool should the vSphere administrator use to gather this data?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 22

An administrator is deploying vSphere 5.5. The administrator creates a vSphere Distributed Switch, then
uses Auto Deploy to deploy several ESXi hosts. After the hosts are deployed, the administrator notices that LACP packets are not being sent between them.
Which condition would cause this issue to occur?

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Free vcpc610 Sample Question 23

Why would a vSphere administrator configure resource shares for a virtual machine?

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Free vcpc610 Sample Question 24

An administrator has created a Virtual Flash Read Cache and needs to add a total 2TB of capacity to the cache. The administrator has a total of six SSD disks to add, but is unable to add one of the disks.
What is a likely cause of the problem?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 25

An administrator is deploying vSphere using a NAS device as the shared storage system. The administrator has already created a VMkernel port, enabled the NFS client, and configured a mount point accessible to the hosts.Which additional configuration is required before the datastore can be used to create virtual machines?

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Free VCPC610 Sample Question 26

An administrator determines that a vSphere Standard Switch is dropping all inbound frames to a specific virtual machine. The behavior appeared in the last two days. Which configuration was likely changed in the
last two days?

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